OT: Now catching Joe Mauer


Thanks for the update. Is there any updates on the razorback baseball team practices or scrimmages in the last 2 weeks? if so I cannot find any?

I haven’t been for a while. Last week was Bikes, Blues, and Barbecue which means that getting into the stadium was really hard. I started to go, but decided to pass.

I plan to check out practices this week.

I planned to drive over to Norman and cover the Oklahoma exhibition before it was rained out. The players are given off during Bikes Blues because of all the vendors set up at the baseball stadium, and all of the coaches go recruit. They typically reassemble on that Sunday night and have a practice under the lights.

We’ll cover the scrimmages this Friday against Wichita State and next Friday at UALR, and will have something from all of the Cardinal and White Series.

Matt, have they set any dates for the Fall Series? I’ve missed it if they have.

Not yet. I’m interviewing Van Horn on Thursday and will ask then.