OT: Not too bad for an OLD Hog!!!!!

Today is my 70th birthday. So what? I had a great day at Vail and skiied 27,000 vertical feet over all sorts of terrian. No how many 70 yr. olds from Arkansas can do that? Of course, you could say, how many would want to, but still, I feel pretty good about that.

Happy birthday, Jim! I think we need to take the horses up into the high country. Good way to test out 70-year old knees!!!

You come out and we will do it. You have sort of wimped out on that sort of thing the past few years! The horses are ready.

Happy Birthday, Jim!!

Happy Birthday Jim! Enjoy your posts.
ALWAYS look for your thoughts in a thread!
But as a 64 year old guy sitting here and a full knee placement makes me jealous, LOL

Happy Birthday, show-off. :smiley:

Glad you can still do that.

Happy birthday, Jim. Sorry your instruction of this old Hog didn’t take so well. Trying to hike down the mountain after my 53rd crash kinda cured me of the ski bug.

happy birthday. in my younger skiing days not sure if i could have skied that much. impressive to say the least.

I don’t wimp out. I’ve never been offered a plan!

That’s a lot of vertical, I’m not sure when I was in my 20’'s we did much more than that when we tried to see how many runs from Sundeck to Little Nell’s we could do in a day. Of course back then the lifts weren’t as good, or fast. I envy you, enjoy the skiing.

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that ski lessons didn’t take on. I like to think of myself as reasonably athletic, but that just wasn’t going to happen. Happy Birthday Jim and congrats on your accomplishment!

Hope you had a grand birthday Jim.

I’ve always wanted to ski but never took the plunge. I’m 3 years behind you in age so I’m thinking it won’t happen.

Happy Birthday, Jim!!

Wish I could ski those little bunny slopes. I never graduated to the blues. But, SO MUCH FUN to be outdoors and challenge yourself like that, regardless of our age. (My 70th is this month also).


“I thought I saw an eye-doctor on an Alaskan island, but it turned out to be an optical Aleutian.”

Happy Birthday young man.

Happy birthday Jim. I don’t think I’ve been back skiing since you gave me a lesson 10 years ago. I miss it. Sad to go almost every year and then stop. But that’s what happens when all my friends get married and have kids. Maybe in 10 years all of us can pick it back up. I’m sure you’ll still be on the slopes.

For those who don’t know, Jim is a Class I instructor at Vail. He’s top shelf. He still isn’t good enough to get me out there. I just don’t have the desire to tumble down the hill. I know I would even if he’s the best instructor there has ever been – and he may be that.