OT: New Wichita State prez

I spent a lot of time in college classrooms, including 4.5 years at UA. I have almost 300 college credits from six different universities,

But I never had a class with a future university president, until now. Richard Muma, who I knew as Rick, taught me in physician assistant school at EOE-Galveston from 1993-95. Now he’s the president of Wichita State. He’s the first PA ever to become a university president.

Sports angle: This could get interesting. I remember Rick being openly dismissive of sports in general. Now he may have to decide when to pull the trigger on a million-dollar basketball coach of the Cheatshockers. I’m sure he’s glad the Gregg Marshall issue was decided before he took over.

Aren’t you from Arkadelphia?

SAU’s President went to AHS? He’s probably about your age.

Yeah, I’ve known Trey Berry just about my whole life. But he’s a year younger than me so we never had classes together. Trey’s dad was the football and baseball coach at Henderson so he’s not dismissive at all.

When we were like 9 or 10, Henderson had a kicker from Germany who gave the three Berry boys a puppy. As I recall, the kicker’s first name was Juergen. But the boys couldn’t pronounce Juergen, so they called the dog Kicker.

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