OT : New Longmire Book

Walt has come up from a fair amount. Just a note that the newest book, Daughter of the Morning Star has just been released. I just downloaded this morning. Doubt there is much about the Razorbacks in it, but perhaps there is U WY Cowboys.
That has happened before.

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Really liked the series

Great stuff.

I’ve read the first 15 Longmire books this summer. I reread several of the early books to get back in sync. I have the next to last still to read (that book is actually titled Next to Last Stand). I took a break just before I went to East Peoria because once I get into one of Craig Johnson’s books, I can’t stop reading it. I knew that I would be too busy to read while I was there. I also have 3 Longmire novellas and/or collections of short stories yet to read.

Got mine in the mail today. For some reason, I just can’t switch to digital books. One of my favorite authors.

Check out The Spirt of Steamboat. It will have you laughing on the floor

For the real fan, check out Longmire Days in Buffalo, WY.

Also, if you like the Longmire series, check out The Joe Pickett series by Craig Box. Takes place pretty much in the same place. I like it even better. Does not have Vick though who makes Longmire. I am in Love with Vick

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Just started reading Pamela Fagan Hutchin’s Patrick Flint Series. Not as good as Longmire, but set in the same area in the 70’s.

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