OT: Nevada Reopening - Phase 1

I’m not posting this to start a debate on whether states should be “opening up”; am simply posting for those who might be interested in what other states are doing.

Nevada’s COVID-19 Status: As a state, I think Nevada did pretty well containing the spread. Early on, the Governor enacted fairly stringent measures (shelter-in-place, closure of non-critical businesses, elimination of non-essential out-of-state travel, and wearing masks in public). We were one of only 5 states to receive a grade of “A” for sheltering (based upon cell phone tracking). We flattened our curve fairly quickly, and hit our “peak” back in early April. We never exceeded 50% of our hospital bed, ICU bed, or ventilator capacity. If the Governor is due any criticism, he probably could have shut down the casinos (our state’s lifeblood) a week or two earlier. Las Vegas was hit hard (>80% of our state’s total cases/deaths), as infected folks continued to fly in from all over the country … that gamble didn’t pay off.

Anyway, today we began Phase 1 of reopening. Outdoor activities of golf, tennis, and pickleball are now permitted; all have significant distancing/cleaning measures in place. Non-essential business can reopen ONLY for delivery or curb-side pickup of their goods. Testing/tracking processes are significantly expanded, but there is no consensus on whether it will be enough.

Our shelter-in-place and travel restrictions have been extended until May 15th. Gatherings, in-store shopping/services, and of course, casinos are still not permitted. Most of us are cautiously optimistic Phase 1 will go well.

And yes, I did enjoy my first round of golf in almost 2 months!

View of the 17th green from my patio.


As an aside, most people I talk to don’t know it, but Nevada and Arkansas are almost the same size population wise. Everyone assumes Nevada is much bigger because of the image of Las Vegas (and Las Vegas is much bigger than any city in Arkansas). Both states have slightly more than 3,000,000 people with Nevada being slightly larger.

Interesting. Las Vegas is an interesting place with these kind of restrictions. Going through that airport was one of my least favorite things. Incredible lines.


I love your lifestyle!!! Congratulations!


Beautiful view!

Hit 'em straight. That rough looks rough.

Love it!! This makes my heart smile. Hoping to go to the course this weekend, if I can. My boys have been bugging me to go and I was supposed to yesterday afternoon, but I never got away from work until late yesterday.

I hope phase 1 there in Vegas goes well. I’m anxious to see these phase 1 reopening and how it goes. Will caution everyone it will be a couple of weeks until we see the effects of these reopening.

Hit em straighht Piggus!

sorry, what was that? I was too distracted by your view to hear a thing you said, lol


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