OT...Need your guys and gals help....Cord cutting

I know its been talked about alot and I’ve kinda read those threads but hadn’t really thought about doing it. My Direct TV dish contract expired and now with internet they have jacked up my bill to over $200 per month, I’m ready to cut the cord now but I am not the most techie person around. I watch and want all things sports, the wife like scifi, history,a&e, movies etc. We have good fast internet but I’m not sure where to start. Also we have a fire stick, a fire tv recast, hd antenna already will this help at all? If not any help on what I need to buy or order to cut the cord and watch these things live would be of great help. I understand there are gonna still be monthly cost’s but need to get this bill way down from 200.

Thanks and Go Hogs

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Thanks Marty

Download Area 51 on firestick. I got over 1,300 channels down from 1,600 because it dropped a lot of local markets. (Includes every cable/satellite channels, Premium & PPV free even the XXX) $5.95 month only missing a few music channels like Mtv classic.

Dayton thanks for that info, how do I load Area 51? Through fire stick app? Or do I load it through internet onto stick like Kodi?