OT: Need Some Help From Austin Folks

I have a friend moving to Austin this summer to allow his wife to finish PT school, and he needs a job. He’s finishing his education degree & is student teaching now. Really good guy, solid human being.

Any direction/help will be appreciated. He’s putting in applications all over the Austin area. The PT school is on the south side of the city in Sunset Valley area.

Dr., I’ve waited a day to offer my put-in on your appeal for info/advice for your friend. Because, first of all, I live in the Dallas area, not Austin. But having lived there for a few years and in Texas most of my life, and having two daughters who teach in separate areas of the Metroplex I can offer a positive outlook on teaching employment in the state. Although not specific to Austin.

Both my daughters have been employed as teachers from the day they graduated, one even before she was certified by the state. They each teach within the district they live.

And as fast as Austin is growing I would bet that there is a teacher shortage there, but that’s just a guess. If your friend is a math or science teacher he will find a job rather quickly. Or is bilingual. That’s the good news.

The not so good news is it may not be in the area he lives in.