Ot......need help

Somehow on my phone I hit desk top and can’t get out of it what do I do?

sac - I don’t even have elementary knowledge about technology, but try turning your phone completely off for a few seconds and then restarting.

Anybody had this happen? My screens so huge on my iPhone I don’t see my avitar email or that box with 3 lines to switch boards I hit desk top by mistake

Per our friend Google:

Why does my iphone get stuck on zoom?

If your Home screen icons are magnified on your iPhone , iPad, or…

  1. If you can’t access Settings because your Home screen icons are magnified, double tap with three fingers on the display to zoom out.

  2. To turn off Zoom , go to Settings > Accessibility > Zoom , then tap to turn Zoom off.

Oct 21, 2019

Ok I’ll try this but it’s only on here when hitting basketball forum I hit desktop now it’s huge like my iPhone is on desk top mode

Click on your 3 horizontal line box at top right of screen. If u are on desktop view. It will say “mobile view” at the bottom left of the little dropdown. Click on mobile view. If it shows “desktop view”, then u are not in desktop view and it’s a different problem.

This happened to me, and on my galaxy s9, I also had to go into settings on my phone and change to mobile view also. May not be the case on an I phone. Also u should do this whole process on the basketball board if that is the only place it happens.

Thanks Harley that’s exactly how I access all the forums but now that box is gone when I squeeze screen together with my fingers to strink screen I can see it I’ve tried tapping it but it’s really small and seems to be like inactive or it doesn’t bring up the forum options that had that stupid desk top catagory I hit by mistake

I had that same problem. I was able to see that box when i turned my phone horizontal.

Well I turned my phone horizontal and now I cant squeeze screen shorter amount to see spy glass, box with 3 lines and email/avitar icon but its not changing or working when i tap on it, Matt, Baumbastic anybody? Basically i cant use my phone to view this board. Im on my home computer now I have a iphone 7 plus if that helps with hitting desktop by mistake in a thread just 1 persons post is bigger than the screen. Everything else on my phone is normal just this site

Thanks for any help and to everyone who has responded

One last idea. On my phone, in settings, then display, then screen zoom, I can change to much smaller print. Maybe if you have that on your i-phone you can bring that 3-line box into view. I remember I had to work with very small print in order to see the box and drop down.

I know this, after spending hours like you are doing, I’ve never again clicked on that dang “desktop view”.

Harley thank you so much that last tip worked shrinking the text in settings to see the box man that was brutal they need to get rid of that option on Mobil devices thanks again back to normal

Glad I could help. I know first hand how frustrating that was.

20 hours of brutal and frustration