OT...Need help please with WHS and Iphone

So I’m 58, not very techie, and just ditched my flip phone on Sunday for an Iphone. Needless to say I’m kinda lost haha. So last night I down loaded the whs app to my 7plus phone and when I pull up its got the WHSsports icon upper left next is I believe the round menu when I tap that there 3 options settings, saved and sections. When I open the app its got 8 boxes football, bb, baseball recruiting, fan zone, latest videos,discover nw ark and whole hog radio. Do I have the wrong app? When I click on these there are alot of stories but for the last 24 hours trying to find forums or login in

Thanks for any help or suggestions

The app is a video app. We do not have an app for the site content because the site fits to whatever device you are using (computer, tablet, phone).

Go to your browser, which should be Safari on an iPhone. Type in wholehogsports.com or forums.wholehogsports.com and it will prompt you to login at the top of the page.

Be sure to note that you will need to login to both of those URLs to access the full site like you do on your computer. We have separate logins to access the message board and front page of the website.

Ok thank you Matt, another stupid question can I make an icon so that I don’t have to type that everytime? Remember flip phone my whole life hahaha

Yes. At the bottom of the page there is an icon with an upward-pointing arrow. Click that and it will give you several prompts, one of which is to add favorites. Then your favorites are at the bottom of the browser, too, with a symbol that looks like an open book.

I would add that the video app is useful. It basically has every press conference, interview session or podcast for football, basketball and baseball. It is the iPhone equivalent of what many here have downloaded for their Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV.

We made a new hire this week to help grow our video inventory, too. I hope to start having some specials and features before too long on that app.

Thank you very much Matt I will attempt this tonight when I get home from work