OT-Need feedback from anyone using Sprint cell phone in Arkansas.................

…they claim to have coverage all over the state with free domestic roaming. I am curious how good the service is if you aren’t in an urban area. Does it slow down when roaming? Just looking for actual experience, not sales hype.

Dang, you started a thread on this and have added another. LOL.

I don’t mind, but it appeared some gave you their feedback, right?

FYI, Verizon had a lightning strike to the tower that supplies my neck of the woods on Wednesday and it’s not back to normal yet. Yikes, no cell service at home. I do have Century Link DSL and a land line, so I’m not out of business. But it sucks not to have texting.

https://www.whistleout.com/CellPhones/G … verage-map

https://www.whistleout.com/CellPhones/G … kansas-USA

Sorry about the extra post on the same subject. I am having a problem finding an actual Sprint user to get real feedback, so I wanted to make that clear in my post title.

Thanks. I like them too. Whistleout is the best site I have found for comparing stuff. I am having no luck getting feedback from a current Sprint user in Arkansas. On the internet, there are complaints about the Sprint phone when on roaming constantly shutting the call down for about 20 seconds, trying to switch back to a Sprint tower, failing to get a strong enough signal, and then letting the call continue. If that is how roaming works on Sprint, I want no part of it. Could that be old information that no longer applies? I just want to know for sure.

I promise this is the last bump. Just amazed I can’t find anyone who uses Sprint in Arkansas to give feedback.

I just don’t think there are that many Sprint customers in Arkansas. Now it has been a while, but last time I considered Sprint, I was not happy with their coverage map and quickly marked them off the list.

I had a long conversation with a really sharp manager lady in the Sprint store in Little Rock on University Ave. She said that the reports of roaming problems was old news when Sprint’s system was a step behind in technology. She said that now they used the same signals and phone types as Verizon and AT&T. (That is the simplified version of all the tech she mentioned.) Her parents live in Helena, AR far away from any Sprint towers and she says she goes and comes without any disruption in calls ever. Since they have a money back 30 day free trial and there is no contract, it looks like I am going to try them and see if she left out any details that I might care about. The only “problem” she said she knew about is if you use a huge amount of data while roaming you might get a warning letter from Sprint.