OT - NCAA not likely to go after Baylor

like it did Penn State. I do wonder if it’s former coach could be subjected to a “show cause” letter in this deal?

http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nc … /93486102/

I think Baylor will suffer consequences far greater than the NCAA could ever levy upon it. It will have to live with the stain of the scandal, lose funding from boosters and other entities, and will have lawsuits tied up in courts for years. The football program will suffer from all of that, as well as the fact that it won’t be able to find another coach to replicate the success of Art Briles.

Matt, I agree that it’s going to extremely difficult for Baylor football to survive this deal. The only thing that I have a slightly different take on is the lawsuit thing. I think Baylor and the individuals involved, such as the HC, will move to settle each suit as quickly as possible in an attempt to tamp-down the noise and additional fallout.

There will be NCAA sanctions, IMO, they just won’t be to the level that PSU got. It’s entirely reasonable to conclude that letting athletes skate when sexual assault accusations are made constitutes an “extra benefit”; Johnny Doe at the Sigma Chi house would not get the same benefit. Or would he? It seems that Baylor’s attitude about sexual assault in general, by athletes or general students, was to sweep it all under the rug so good Baptist parents wouldn’t worry about sending little Jessica to spend four years in Waco.

I certainly hope that you are right, Matt. It would be well justified.

EOE-K paid big bucks to at least 4 (maybe more) women who were allegedly raped by FB players. One player helped a rape victim by taking her to the ER and encouraging her to file charges against his teammates. The next day the player said Coach Jones told him that he had “betrayed his team”. Another player punched him at lunch over “ratting” out his friends. This player quickly transferred out to UT Chattanooga. None of this could be proven but the quick pay out (which included the typical hush clause) makes me think the Vols had a similar history as Baylor.

Marty, have you seen Baylor’s recruiting this year? They’re just beginning to pay. And pay, and pay, and pay.

I saw the article that said they have quit recruiting. That couldn’t happen to a “better” bunch.