OT-My YoutubeTV has gone nuts. Is anyone else experiencing problems?

All of the “local” channels are now in New York not Little Rock. I checked our account and it shows us registered for “Little Rock/Pine Bluff” local channels. The list on the account still says the Little Rock stations, but the TV is giving the local (one hour earlier) news in New York City. I have rebooted Roku, exited and reopened YoutubeTV, etc. and no change. Anyone else have this problem?

I’m in NWA. Just checked and my locals are the normal NWA stations.

Maybe someone in LR can check theirs for me. I cannot imagine why mine would be the only one getting reset.

I’m in LR-my wife watched local news last night and this am.

I did not, since I quit watching the news in 2008. I’ve been so so so much happier since then, LOL



Wow, that’s amazing, no news for that whole time?

sometimes CNN is on where I have breakfast, I walk through my kitchen in the am when my wife’s watching Good Morning America. but that’s it. I haven’t watched more than a few, involuntary, minutes of national news in 14 years. man, it’s been great.

I hear about things all the time, but I’ve gotten to where I don’t even know the senators’ names, unless they are old.

when I see the coverage of the Ukraine, it just breaks my heart. I just stay much happier when I focus elsewhere.



I’m in Sherwood, and my local Little Rock stations are in place with YOUTUBE TV. I’m also using 2 ROKU devices to stream Youtube TV

We have the Roku media player and two streaming sticks on our house here in Little Rock and we got New York City local channels. This suddenly happened last night.

That is really wierd if it’s just your’s having a problem. You don’t have a family plan set up with someone living in the New York area do you? That’s the only thing I could think of?

This is insane but I got it fixed. It was a YoutubeTV problem that had my “Playback Area” listed as New York despite my “Location” correctly listed as Little Rock. I clicked on the Playback Area and the only way to reset it was through a mobile device App. We have never installed a YoutubeTV app on any of our phones! I finally did that, followed the instructions on screen and it Updated my Playback Area to match my location. I suspect that YoutubeTV has updated their system requiring everyone to use it on their mobile apps and, if you don’t have one, they default you to New York. If everyone NOT experiencing this problem has it on their phones too, that might explain it. Some “upgrade” happened last night and I got caught in that “improvement.”

Very strange. I’ve also never installed the Youtube TV app on my phone. I guess I’ll do that now. I’m going to save your last post in case I run into a similar problem in the future.

Glad you got it fixed.

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You know the old joke about “Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over expecting different results.” With computers and technology “Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over and suddenly you do get a different result!” We did nothing to change anything on any of our TVs, Phones, Roku Boxes, YoutubeTV setup, etc. and suddenly we go to watch the 10:00 local news and it is New York City channels. THAT is insanity!

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