OT: My Son Got Accepted to Dental School in Kansas City

Obviously we are proud…would love to hear from folks who live or have lived in KC! He/we will be researching places to live and such this week and I appreciate any advice. Waiting to hear from LSU New Orleans bc of cost difference, but we are happy folk this weekend.


Congratulations. I know a couple of dentists who went to school there. They both seem to have been taught well. I’m not sure of the location of the dental school, but I always liked the Overland Park Kansas area. Might be a bit of a haul from there to the school though. Btw, watching the Chiefs play today is like getting a root canal without novacaine. Painful!

That’s Awesome! Congratulations!

Lot’s growth in nearby Liberty Mo as well. Kanas City is nice town but you have to like winters and snow as storms track out of Denver but town with lot of amenities to enjoy.

I graduated from LSU Dental School in '89. The school was gutted and completely redone after Katrina, and is one of the most modern in the country. There is another member of the board t that is in school down there now.
Congrats to your son.

Congratulation, that is a big deal. KC is alright until winter hits.

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