OT: My son bought a new car, he named it Jenny

I told him he should get a license plate of 8675309 (I checked, it isn’t available in Arkansas). He hasn’t responded, I wonder if he will get the joke? (My younger son did get it, so there is some hope for the world!)

We used to name all of our vehicles. I have a friend in Conway who taught me to do that. He still has names for his. And, they are generally pretty good. Now, the best we do is name our dogs, Rockey and Rosie. I call them my R&R, lots of relaxing with them. They are chocolate labs. I wrote a column about them once when they trashed the house as puppies. The lab before them was Charlie Brown. I interviewed him once. That was quite a bit of fun.

If you go to YouTube, there are some cool renditions of the song. Brings back memories.

You just showed your age.

Unfortunately I’m a child of the 60’s and had to google the number to get it. Many of us old folks don’t think any good music was written after 1969.

You youngsters! :smiley:

We named our RV Hogwild with appropriate hog decals and such.

Our jeep is Big Red.

We are simple folk. Have had horses named Yellow, Red, Smokey and a dog named Yellow (actually yallar).

Well, I am 55, I think good music stopped (for the most part, there are some exceptions) in about 1987 or so!


I’m 57, have you by two years. But actually my son and I have influenced each other’s musical tastes. He’s a huge fan of 70s-80s rock, and I have grown to enjoy some of the stuff he listens to. Green Day, for instance.

I think good music is still being made, you just have to looker harder than the local hits station to find it. That probably goes for all genres.

I love country music, but don’t care for most of what is on the radio today. My best friend from college lives in Fort Worth and about 12 years ago turned me on to the Texas country scene. That’s where a lot of my new music comes from now through an independent Texas country station that I stream.

I loved the music of the 80’s and 90’s, but that was my teens and 20’s. My kids are now 20 and 18. My youngest wants to be an actress/Broadway/singer. She is starting college this fall (she says she is majoring in musical theatre and minoring in journalism), and she loves (and I do mean loves) Bruno Mars and Shawn Mendes. My wife and oldest seem to appreciate today’s music way more than me, but Bruno reminds me of the all time greats. Been to several of his concerts and going to a few more this fall. If you haven’t really been to one of his concerts or really listened to him, I’d encourage it.

was to reference Forrest Gump and his Jenny.

Ray, that was my first thought, too. Then, I scratched my head and started humming along. I went to the web just to make sure.

I’ve got about 500 songs in my phone. Much of it is George Strait. Maybe not half, but for sure close to one/quarter. I’ve got some songs live and from the studio. I also have a lot of Sinatra, Adele and quite a bit of Bob Wills. I went to a Texas Swing tribute concert Saturday night. They played a lot of really old stuff, maybe from the 30s and 40s. The piano player is a friend, former Outdoor TV host Robert Huston.


My vehicle is named Ida Red, named after a Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys song.


I’ll stick with Jimmy Buffett. :slight_smile:

Speaking of good music from our collective youth, here are some NEW songs for you Led Zeppelin fans. Or, simply, for fans of great rock and roll.

You’re welcome!