OT: My heroes honored at Beaver tailwater

I had fun paying tribute to a couple of deserving Trout Unlimited volunteers who have helped make Arkansas fishing such a wonderful place;

Thats awesome!
I will be throwing some y2ks on Spring River, Monday

Y2Ks will definitely work on Spring River this time of year.

Thanks Clay, I always enjoy your fishing stories. After reading your story I was encouraged to grab my fly rod and head over to our pond. I tied on a popping bug that resembles a small frog and landed a bass on about my 5th cast. He was small but there is nothing like seeing a hit.

Someday I’ll grow up and try going after some trout. Plenty of good spots around Chattanooga. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Y2K was made famous in north Georgia streams not far from you, invented by a UA professor.

Clay, you are a master narrator, but none top your fishing pieces. Well done, once again. It is a joy to read your fishing stories.

I think I’m gonna get a day on the river next week. The Norfork River is gonna be low and wadeable, possibly. Got some new wading boots for Christmas. They are nifty Orvis Pro Wading Boots with new Michelin tred. Should make me a better caster, right? It’s all about the footwork.

Thank you for your kind words. When I grow up, I want to be a fly fishing writer.

Ray Smith deserves a lot of credit for his work with TU. His passion and work probably goes unnoticed by many fishermen who enjoy the benefits of Ray’s work.

It’s not just In Arkansas. He influences national leadership. TU does good work everywhere. I am amazed at what I see as far as stream work, paths and walk ways in Colorado, Pennsylvania and Montana when I have traveled to fish. If you look hard there will be a sign that tells you the TU chapter which raised the money and did the work.

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