OT: Morgantown, West Virginia

I had never been to Morgantown before, but visited this last weekend. It reminded me a lot of Fayetteville. The campus of WVU reminded me a lot of UA. Beautiful little city. I was surprised how small the city was.

My only interaction with a West Virginia fan was a guy I worked with back in 1981 (yes, I am getting older!) and he was such a jerk I have always disliked West Virginia. After visiting Morgantown, I may have to rethink my dislike!


Encourage anyone to check it out when possible.

I used to drive through Morgantown often and always like the area. I love the highways having virtually no billboards in WV, unlike here in Georgia.

One of the states I hope to visit. Heard it’s beautiful.

Very beautiful! Enjoyed the drive.

We were on our way to Baltimore, made a fun trip out of it. Went to Kentucky, then to West Virginia, then over to Baltimore. All in all, went through 8 states in 3 days! (Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland). Some people tell me I am crazy (and that is true) but I like driving road trips. We didn’t even have a reservation for one night, just drove until we decided to stop. Stopped along the way when ever we wanted. Saw all kind of cool things. I was shocked at how beautiful Maryland was by the way.

I like driving roads trips too. The only way to truly experience a state in my opinion.

And then you got to Baltimore. :frowning:

True point, but I do like the part of Baltimore we are in (wharf area).