OT-Moderna’s vaccine hit 95% efficacy

Sounds like another potential vaccine towards the end of the year.

Nearly 95%? Is that like 90% but they wanted to say a higher number than their competitor? Heck just say almost 100%!

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The light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone is ready.

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I sure hope, so we can get a little closer to normal.

The good news about this vaccine is that it can be stored in a refrigerator.

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Stored and Transported in refrigerator temperature environment. Now that’s gonna put Moderna at the top of list quickly. I know there is different protocols in place to allow all pharmaceutical companies to release and share the market on vaccines due to urgency. But will Moderna go as far as sharing info with other companies so that all vaccines can be handled at lower temperature to help get more vaccines available quicker. Would Phizer have to start from scratch again to do that?

Once again, it won’t be available to the general public until the spring. It’s great that it seems to be so effective (same with the Pfizer vaccine) and maybe will keep the high-risk population safe-r but we still have five or six bad months ahead. And my observation from traveling around the country is that mask use and social distancing is being done less, not more. I’m afraid the current 246,000 deaths is just a warmup lap.

True story: On my last road trip I changed planes at DFW with 45 minutes between flights and I was starving. Fortunately there was an Applebee’s 50 feet from my departure gate. Walked in, nobody wearing a mask, and the server said, “take off your mask, this is Texas and we aren’t afraid.” My immediate thought is “this is Texas and you’re stupid.” But I didn’t have time to go find another place to eat. So I kept my mask on until the food arrived, ate as quickly as possible and got out of there. But it’s that attitude that is killing thousands and thousands of people.


Hmm, I’ve traveled through DFW, O’Hare, LAX, Memphis, XNA, Love, and Tulsa the past two months, I haven’t seen this at all. Now, it was two months ago through DFW, I ate there too, but it wasn’t Chili’s. I thought the mask numbers were rather good everywhere.

As far as the vaccines, it seems whatever good news, some always say “but…”

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Dude, it’s good news, not an immediate fix. A lot of people are going to get sick and die before either Pfizer or Moderna is widely available.

No kidding, I don’t think anyone said otherwise, Dude.


According to the AP, Moderna reported its vaccine to be 94.5% effective.

I saw a report where Pfizer and Moderna are expected to be about to produce 20-30 million doses a month. If true, all Americans could be vaccinated in five months.

They expect to have 40M doses by the end of the year, since it takes 2 shots, that’s 10M people. They’ll both crank up as much as they can after the first of the year, but I suspect it will take through the summer to have enough to vaccinate all those who will want it. Of course, J&J and AstraZeneca both have vaccines in Phase 3 trials, and will have results after the first of the year.

Yup. I’m not seeing anything credible that large-scale vaccination can take place before late April (10 million is 3% of the US population).

I looked up the latest projection from the University of Washington, whose IHME projections were used by the White House until they realized the projections weren’t what they wanted to hear. They break it down three ways: Universal use of masks; continuation of present trends; and further easing of mandates as some are urging.

Universal use of masks would still mean another 56,000 deaths by New Year’s, and 125,000 by March 1. Current trend would be 74,000 by NYD and 192,000 by March. And easing of mandates would be 88,000 by NYD and 340,000 by March 1. And we’d still be two months from widespread vaccination.

Unfortunately that 90% or 95% effectiveness is based on tests of healthy & younger individuals.

For someone over 60 yrs old, that vaccine effectiveness drops by almost 50%. Hopefully there will be a better & improved COVID vaccine for elderly & those at higher risk.

There are several, including myself, in the Moderna trial that are over 60, lol. There was a couple in the same time I was in the beginning arguing over who had a “smartphone “. It was a requirement to do all the communication. My guess was that they were about 75ish.

Where are you seeing those numbers? I’m not seeing any age breakdown anywhere.

Moderna did report that 7,000 people in its trial (out of 30,000) were 65 or older and 5,000 had high risk chronic diseases, but I’m not seeing anything on different effectiveness in those groups.

As a side note, my antibody study has shut down for two weeks for data review and to revise the study design slightly. We’ll crank it back up after Thanksgiving.


My wife and I are both in Moderna Phase 3. I’d like to be young and healthy. She is 66 and I’m older bu several years

The news is wonderful. I just hope people don’t suddenly start letting their guard down until the vaccine has been widely administered. That’s not likely until late spring.

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The people that have had their guard up will continue to, those that haven’t will continue their lifestyle. I don’t think there’s much hope for any change, lol.

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