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This is potentially great news, so please don’t turn this into a political thread.

Moderna announced that they will not enforce their patent if their Coronavirus vaccine is the first to be approved by the FDA. They would also consider licensing agreements. Hopefully, each of the other 3 or so companies working on the vaccine will follow suit. This could double or triple the amount of vaccines that could be manufactured, shipped, and made available quickly to the population.

Sorry, forgot to link the article. Here it is:

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That’s great news. People over profits. Good for them.


That is indeed good news. I hope it’s an effective vaccine. We need some good news for this annus horribilis.

this is great news. the phase 2 trials were extremely promising. My wife is in the phase 3 trial. I’m not, since they filled their quota of me. I’m very hopeful that I am vaccinated before thanksgiving.


Working so far!

Wish that an effective vaccine would become available in quantities soon & prior to flu season. Sounds like availability to the masses is optimistically mid-year 2021, assuming no issues in the testing for side effects.

Wife and myself in 3rd phase. 90 days next Tuesday. So far no real problems noted

Yes, and to the medical professionals, the aged, and those with prior conditions, optimistically well in advance of mid-year 2021. Availability early to those three categories will provide the greatest benefit to the death rate. I would bet the Pfizer group will follow suit with a similar announcement to prevent looking like they are money-grabbing in these most trying of times. Great job by Moderna.

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Hopeful this testing continues to go well without problems & with mass production of an effective vaccine soon. Covid has taken a toll on my family per loss of my cousin last week & my uncle back in May. Would hope that the teachers & professors have some priority when the vaccine is available.

I agree completely on the teachers and professors. I should have included at risk category, which definitely include them. Very important for our education.

Yes. Until there’s enough to be universally available, there probably needs to be some sort of priority system. Start with health professionals & first responders, then those with significant co-morbidities, then teachers. Might be able to make them all into #1 priority. Finally end with the young & healthy.

Hope we find no serious side effects & that it’s at least 70% or more effective. We will know more & more as time goes by, but maybe we’ll have a strong idea by first of year.

Pfizer expects to have results in by the end of the month, it will be looked at by the various committees, and an application for an EUA, if warranted, sometime in Nov. There will be less than 10M doses available, until production ramps up even more, probably in the 10M/month until the 2nd qt. Moderna is still enrolling patients/volunteers, as they increased their pool from 30k to 44k to include more African Americans/Latinos/other groups.

There are lots of very smart people in this world. Hooray.

Why would anyone not want to see a vaccine or prototype soon. I have two extended family members who’ve contracted the virus. One was in the hospital for 47 days, the other is 13 and just got it.

One of my work peers has lost 4 family members.

I want to see progress, any progress, soon.

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Was it Pfizer or Moderna who said they would take a risk and begin manufacturing doses a month or 2 ago and would have 100 million doses ready by the end of the year whether it was FDA approved by then or not?

I think they’ve all said that, but I read an article this week stating that we’d have less than 10m in Nov/Dec, and that it would be production in the 10’s of millions per month after the first of the year. I’ll have to figure out where I read it, lol. I don’t remember if they were commenting on Pfizer’s, or Moderna’s.

These companies have received billions of dollars from the government to develop these vaccines. They should be open sourced and low cost.

It’s gonna take everything we have to get this under control. From wearing masks and social distancing, to the antibody therapy I’m working on, to vaccines, to better antiviral treatment (I’m under contract until June to work on the antibody study, which gives you some idea of their timeline, although they have asked the FDA for emergency use approval for our antibody drug). I’m afraid it’s going to be well into 2021 before all of that falls into place.

I flew home from Chicago to NC yesterday. It was a little scary. The terminals at O’Hare and Charlotte were packed. Except for people wearing masks (and not everyone was), you wouldn’t have known there was a pandemic. And both my flights were full, no social distancing there. The airlines are pretty radical on mask wearing; if you refuse to wear one on the plane, not only can you be denied boarding, you can also be permanently banned from flying on their airline. And I heard more than one flight attendant reminding a passenger to pull the mask up over their nose.

It is a shame that people don’t take mask wearing seriously. I am a part of a dog training class. This week our instructor commented that she was wearing her mask because her husband was having surgery next week. I replied that the rest of us needed to be sure to have our masks on.

It still boggles my mind that people don’t understand the purpose of masks.


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