OT - Mens and Women’s Golf Teams

My GOODNESS….the mens and women’s golf teams put forth a good ole’ fashion whuppin’ on the golf course in the Blessings Tournament. Just took the other teams to the woodshed! We also won the individual for both men and women. See the wood shed whuppin’ scores below:


Hope ok to post and my apologies if not.

Middle scoreboard says it all!!!

My wife volunteered for this tournament and I was able to follow the Arkansas teams on the back nine today.

They were dominant.

But my word, what a gorgeous golf course The Blessings is!

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Five trophies. Three team, two individual.

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wow! is that a record?!?!


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Gotta be. Not sure there has ever been an event for college golf set up this way.

The hole in one.

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Great result for both teams, and as those who watched on TV (as I did, recorded) can confirm, a fantastic 3 day, 3 hours a day “commercial” for NWA and the University of Arkansas on the Golf Channel…and that’s a very good demographic to get the attention of.


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