(OT) Meeechigan wuz robbed

What a horrible spot on that 4th down play. I don’t blame Jim Harbaugh for being whizzed, and I’m glad he called the officials out. Luckeyes luck their way into the playoffs again.

I agree

Ohio didn’t convert on the 4th and 1

I’m not a Michigan fan but they were robbed - lots of no calls against Ohio too

Very disappointed

Michigan earned the win IMHO

I think Bama “lucked out” too. Michigan definitely outplayed OH St and I believe they were the only team in the country that might give Bama a tough game. OH St may be the 3rd best team, and if Clemson or Washington lose, Mich is probably back in the play-offs. That could leave Bama with a potentially tough road of playing both Mich and OH St. Oh, it would also leave B1G champion, Wisc or Penn St yelling foul.

We listened to the Meechigan game on the way home from Columbia (the national broadcast). The commentators were clear that it was a bad mark by the officials.

he clearly got to the yellow line, but the camera angle was not perfect for it/.

Ditto. I think he made it on initial lunge. Also spots are the most unscientific and biggest part off officiating where human element plays out. And there definitely wasn’t sufficient evidence to overturn.

Harbaugh is a whiner and would have still gone ballistic had the shoe been on the other foot. He needs to take a cue from his players and have some class.

I can’t stand either coach, and it was a heckuva ballgame. Michigan got outplayed when the game was on the line.

I think Ohio State given game against Michigan State.A personal foul against Mich State when Ohio State put his finger through the face mask of Mich State player who raised arm to push hand away–he was tagged for the personal foul and 15 yds. There was a 2nd penalty against Ohio State on the same play. Instead of 10 yds for 1st down should have been 30.The following score would not have occurred and Mich State would have won–was a horrible call and very favorable to Ohio State–as was the ball spot Saturday.