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But some schools which have opened here in Georgia have problems. one Metro Atl school has 31 virus infections mostly students but a few teachers. Some teachers about to start are protesting they want in home not in class and one teacher resigned. One
7 year old has died. This could be an early sign, I hope not but it is getting sticky and barely started I fear. Sure makes football look difficult.

Unimaginably sad. It won’t take many (if any) more such occurrences to shut down every school and sport.


I had a father of a HS kid telling me he wasn’t sure if he wanted his son to play this season. I can’t blame anyone for deciding to play or not to play.

Like I told the father, only history knows how this plays out. Can’t blame anyone for their decisions if you ask me.


Oh dear, that is hard to read. For those who are of the opinion that youngsters are not susceptible (or don’t get seriously ill), that should be an eye opener.


Not to be insensitive, but to be scientific…

FAR, FAR more youngsters will die of Influenza this year than covid. Even more from various accidents. Even more from motor vehicle accidents.

Not insensitive to this, I lost a son to leukemia. I’m just stating the facts.

For whatever reason, this virus, thankfully, spares the young. Like under 40’or so.

Our current therapies are sooooo much better than 4 months ago. Really the only people we see struggling now, are poorly controlled diabetics and BMI over 40 ( morbidly obese) and the old/frail-especially nursing home residents.

Just the medical facts, I really hope I don’t offend anyone.

For the billionth time, it’s not the affect on kids or younger people. It’s how young people who are asymptomatic spread it in crowds, like those at schools. And then those other children, teachers or custodial staff to whom it is spread either get sick (or in the case of this poor 7 yr. old, die) or they spread it to mom and dad, or to grandma and grandpa. And some of those people then either do OK, go through hell and get better (but maybe with permanent damage), or go through hell and die.

There are 38,000 deaths In US a year by car wrecks and at the very most in some years 60,000 deaths via influenza. That’s in a very bad year. Again, one model is projecting 300,000 Covid-19 deaths in the US by December. Link:

Brutal. So let’s not try to say Covid-19 is somehow better than the flu or car wrecks. It’s just not. It’s really irresponsible to say it is. Awful, misleading argument. You seem to be a doctor or other healthcare professional. Thank you for treating people with Covid-19 if so. But isn’t it irresponsible to downplay the disease (which is really what you’re doing, regardless of how you’ll spin it) amidst many others in government and the media also doing so, leading to things like our citizenry not wearing masks?

These decisions about schools are tough ones. My wife is an elementary substitute. We’ve got some tough decisions in my house here soon about her working. These decisions need to be made with good information and a healthy fear of this virus.

I think America’s biggest problem is making an overall plan to help everyone. I fear in many cases the attack plan is to protect ones own interests first and overall plan secondly. Frankly, we need to get together but it is hard for many to do. We are not United.

I’m glad I’m not the one making public health decisions, because trying to predict this virus is obviously impossible, to date.

But those “300,000 deaths” will not be among people under 22. They will be largely among the groups I’ve already mentioned. I wasn’t trying to say covid is “better than flu or car wrecks”, just saying that among the age group being discussed, covid will have far less impact than several other things. Thankfully, kids are quite immune to covid.

And all the nation hiding in caves for 2 years is not the right answer.

Wearing masks, social distancing and PPE in hospitals clearly helps. A lot. Our hospital has treated more covid patients than any other hospital in the state, and we have had almost NO staff with covid, and nearly every staff member who has had covid, has a very traceable cause, outside of the hospital (dad had it or their sister, went to a large wedding and didn’t wear a mask, etc).

And our current treatments are dramatically more effective for symptomatic patients than what we had in March, thank God.

I know this is an emotional topic, but I promise I’m not trying to mislead anyone. After I type this, I’m heading directly to our ICU’s and floor beds, and I’ll be seeing covid patients, so I am not downplaying this disease.

God bless, wear your masks and stay safe. My covid vaccine was delayed, so didn’t get it 2 days ago, now scheduled Wednesday, so hope may be on the way.


Thank you. I again appreciate what you do as a physician. Very good news about therapeutics. I’ve heard the same. That is comforting. I just get a little frustrated when I think people are trying to downplay the seriousness of this, causing others to also not take it seriously. There is an element of our society that is idiotic and won’t wear masks, wash hands, distance, etc. Can’t give them any reason to continue to do those things.

Actually I do not know a single person who wears masks, keeps a distance and avoids crowds who has caught the virus. Not one.

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