OT: Match Game

Was watching an old Match Game yesterday. On the Game Show Network. If you are as old as me (72 in August) you might remember host Gene Rayburn, panelists Richard Dawson, Charles Nelson Reilly, and Brett Sommers. Should get you pretty excited, they’re Four Stars :smile:.

Well, kidding aside, they asked the panelists to fill in the blank for “King Kong uses ____ to shave”. The panelists are trying to come up with a humorous answer to match the answer of the contestant. The contestant said “a lawn mower”. So did I. So did all of the panelists except one. Guest panelist Julie Harris said “King Kong uses a Razorback Pig to shave”. Those were her exact words. What the heck? And why didn’t I think of that?


I am 54 and I came home every day from elementary school and watched Match Game, The Gong Show, and Bugs Bunny! Those viewing habits define my sense of humor to this day.

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wow, man, that was one zany scene. kooky, man!

LOL, miss the 70’s innocence.

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