OT: Mahomes & the new receiving corps (Paywall)

This is a great article about how Mahomes took over the training of his new receivers.



Seems THE ATHLETIC finally fixed the hole in their paywall. I guess I’ll have to dig around for a new one. First time I’ve not been able to read an article, even when they went paywall. Most paywall sites have more holes than swiss cheese, if you know where and how to look :slight_smile:

It’s worth the money, just like Hogs+.


For the most part, I agree. Their coverage of college sports and individual schools has lessened greatly from when I first subscribed. Arkansas has gotten some good coverage this week because of the ranking and the matchup with aTm.

BTW, has there ever been a better logo/name than aTm? No one had to dream it up, they use it themselves.


:rofl: They probably don’t get it though. Marty.

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I only have about 2 months left on my $1 monthly subscription. I enjoy the site but not sure if enough to pay the full price.

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