OT - Lost our best friend and canine over the weekend

I know a lot of you are dog lovers on here and wanted to post and share as our family could use a lot of prayers right now. Our beloved dog Vern of 13 years passed while we were out of town on vacation. It was very unexpected and so hard for us to swallow right now because we didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye. It appears he had a stroke and after further testing had a bunch of fluid on heart and sever cancer. He was such an incredibly stoic dog you would have no clue. My wife had taken him on a mile walk the morning we left and aside from being tired due to age he was his normal self. 2 days later he was gone. He was my wife’s dog when we were dating and prevented two break in attempts at her home. He helped her train for 2 marathons and several half marathons. My friends say he was a legend for a dog. I do know this, he was incredibly loved by any and all that knew him. There is a huge void in our house at this time and we are truly struggling to get through it. I appreciate any and all prayers for my family. Here is a picture of Vern.


I understand. I’ve shed tears several times over the years when losing a wonderful companion dog. Prayers for all of you.

I’m so sorry for your loss! I’m praying for your family. Thanks for posting the picture.

Those stories made me feel Vern’s warmth. And thanks for adding the picture.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

Our lab Rosie is almost 12. She is Jean Ann’s shadow. She spins in circles with excitement when Jean Ann comes home. I don’t think we can imagine life without Rosie.

Again, so sorry.

Rosie left this hat on for about 5 minutes. Hilarious. She is that typical easy going female lab.

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So sorry for your loss, Hawgfan. There is nothing worse than losing a beloved dog. Prayers for you and your family. You can tell by the picture that Vern was a very happy boy.

Very sorry for your loss - time will eventually take away some of the hurt! 7 yrs. ago we lost our 18-yr old Lab Deion (yep, named after Deion when he was a Cowboy as he was shifty conqueror when confronting wounded Geese) still watch videos of him. Just cherish the good memories

I’m truly sorry for your loss. There’s simply no better friend to man or woman than a dog. Anytime I see someone post about losing a dog I hurt for them. We’ve lost two and I’ve cried like a baby both times.

Megan had this framed with pictures of our two dogs who passed. This will probably hurt because it hits home the dog-owner relationship.


Please accept my sympathy for losing your beloved Vern.

I wish I were half the man my dogs think I am.

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So sorry. I remember those hurts very vividly. We’re picking up our new pup Sunday. I said after our last loss never again. I’m ready now! :pray:t2:

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I feel you pain. We lost our boxer Bailey two years ago and it crushed me.

The second photo is of Fred, who was my mom’s dog first. When she and my brother were killed in the car accident, Fred came to live with us.

I swear Bailey taught Fred to take care of me before he passed away because he does and acts just like Bailey did toward me.

I’ve always said dogs are better than most humans.


There is nothing that compares with the love of a man and his dog. From the squirming little pup to your old gray best friend, you will never have anything that even begins to share it’s unconditional love like your dog. I doesn’t matter if you have a horrible day, the exuberant greeting when you get home. Immediately makes things better.

They truly are man’s best friend. If you need to talk problems out, your dog is the best listener. If you just want to get away, he wants to go too.

If you’re extremely lucky, you have a great relation with your wife and family and have a lot of close friends. But there is nothing like a man and his dog. Despite having many differences in personality or breed, everyone of my dogs was my confidant, my must trusted friend and I have both cried and smiled when I think of them.

I understand the grief and loss. You can never replace all the years spent with them. But you can get another one. And I hope that I always have dog.

May your best friend RIP.


My wife and I did not have children, so our dog’s are our family. It hurt’s so badly to lose them. You have my sincere condolences.

Sad to hear of your loss. The pain and grief strikes deep.
Dogs are interesting critters. It is astounding how much they contribute to our lives. We’ve had four chows and the pain of losing them has subsided to the point that I am now trying to decide on a replacement. I am a failure at house breaking a dog and I will seek help from a lady I think is a dog whisperer. She owns an animal grooming and boarding business. We may look into a smaller breed. I have had four family members that had boxers and all of them were fun and adorable. The dogs.

Thanks to all for the incredibly wonderful and caring posts. I plan to share these with my wife who is working to get through it in her time and pace. She just removed the dog bowls and one of the dog beds (we have 3) today. Baby steps for her. Tomorrow she will take her first walk without him and I am sure she will sob most of the way. Vern truly was a stud. One of his nicknames was “Leaner” because anytime you came into the home he would lean his 70 lbs against you to be sure you knew he wanted to be greeted and petted! Thank you again to all my Hog family!

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Leaner. I like that a lot. That tells a lot about Vern. Thanks for sharing.

So sorry for your loss. I understand what you’re going through, and know it is difficult to lose a pet.

Beautiful pix, DD.

Love that pic, Clay.

I am so sorry for your loss. We have dogs for such a short time and they are so dear to us.

I had leaner too. His name was BOB (it stands for Big Orange Boy). He would never meet a stranger. The next thing that you knew, he was leaning on them. And they all couldn’t help loving on him. Here he was as a puppy, then as an adult. While I have a very special dog now, he and I both miss BOB.



Beautiful, Marty.

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