OT--Looking for Arkansas Black Apples

I have called several orchards in the eastern part of the state, and their trees did not produce this year. Would like to come up (from Louisiana) and get maybe a bushel if I can find them, and if there is leaf color (ours are either green or brown) to see that would be an added benefit. Don’t care if the apples are locally grown or shipped in. There used to be an orchard and sales barn somewhere between Harrison and Eureka Springs, but I cannot find any information. Have also bought (shipped in from elsewhere) from a small roadside “barn” on the main highway somewhere close to Leslie, but don’t know how to find information or exact location. Any help would be appreciated!

They are my favorite. We get ours at Ranalli Farms in Tontitown. Great place to shop. When I was last there I was told mid-October (late season this year).

Ranalli Farms produce

I had never heard of Arkansas Blacks, so I did some searching, and apparently they are grown out here in the northwest also, so I’ll look for them. I did also find the following associated with an article on the apples - don’t know how current it is. :apple::apple:

Vanzant Fruit Farms Website
[3705 E Hwy 264, Lowell, Arkansas, 72745, United States]

This seasonally-operational farm sells fruit Monday-Saturday, from 8am-6pm.

Thanks a bunch guys!! I’ll give them both a call and see what the situation is. Long trip, but I may decide to take it anyway if the leaves cooperate. Wish I’d asked you last year, because we came up to see the Crystal Bridges Museum, but on the way up were told by a number of sources we checked that there were no apples in Arkansas because of very bad weather. Y’all the best!!!

I generally go for Pink Ladies, but the Arkansas black apples are terrific. I keep an apple in the truck whenever I make a trip. Just a special treat. That’s another thing I learned from my father.

I used to get some every Fall when I drove to the North Georgia montains from Atlanta. They are the best!

On the assumption that you are referring to Pink Lady apples (:laughing::laughing::laughing:), they are indeed wonderful when fresh. The advantage of the Arkansas Black apple is that it will generally cellar all winter without spoiling, whereas the Pink Lady will only last for a few weeks. They actually recommend that you cellar Arkansas Black apples for a month or so before eating to let the flavor develop. Can’t actually say from my own experiences whether the apples were better toward the end of the bushel or not, as I liked them all.

Im from Calif and never seen or heard of Arkansas Black really need to find one…dying to know what is the leaf part about? Me and my daughter are doing our 11 annual father/daughter game for the WK game, I’ll have to try to find one on our drive over from Dallas

Down here in south Louisiana, we do not get the beautiful fall foliage colors that becomes prevalent in north Arkansas and farther north. Used to love the red maples in front of the sorority houses in Fayetteville (they are gone now) around Texas football game timing when I would walk to Leverett School (uphill both to and from, and frequently in knee-high snow of course:laughing::laughing::laughing:). Ergo my mention of hoping to see the colorful leaves while shopping for apples.

Yes, Pink Lady apples. Honey crisp my second favorite. Rest bore me. I guess I’m an apple snob.

Read an article about a new apple called Cosmic Crisp that is supposed to come out this year. I keep looking at the grocery store but haven’t seen them. Anybody tried one?

I may not have the story right…but the Arkansas Black was found in an old rchard near Bentonville. Someone let their orchard go “native” and the Black came up on its own, a variation of a Winesap, maybe. It is by pure chance we have that variety. It is not pretty, as it is too dark to impress in a grocery (unless you are there looking for them; this is why a produce market or farm store will have them - folks know that looks are often contradicted by flavor, with pretty apples being “meh”). It gets a lot of dark blemishes, maybe from insect damage. And, as noted, it will over-winter. I have had Blacks make it to Valentine’s Day.

I have been told that fresh-picked fruit are much more tart and hard then those that make it a long time in the root cellar or fridge. I love the super-tart version, so I eat mine quickly.

For those chuckling about a bunch of sports fans obsessing all of a sudden about an apple…try visiting farmer’s markets or country produce stands for your fruit/veggies and you’ll soon grow to appreciate what excites us. NWA grapes are much superior to the table grapes you find at the grocery. Porter peaches here in OK can’t be touched by store bought varieties. Much of it is the “picked yesterday, eaten today” opportunity. But, with the apples, most that you see in the store are grown for appearance at the store, not flavor at the table.

Clay has it right - if an apple can hang out in the passenger seat next to you for a couple of weeks before you need it, that’s a good apple.

Aw the fall leaf colors, got you… lately in Ca we only get 2 seasons hot and foggy cold haha but the Arkansas leaf colors are amazing. For some reason I was thinking the leaf on the apple tree having something to do with the Arkansas Black Apple.