OT: little 12

I’m in Lawrence KS this week for our annual German Shorthaired Pointer national. We are at a Hilton property. Internet access sucks unless you log in. Every time I try to login, I would get an error. It was truly frustrating.

I finally gave up and went to the desk. They gave me a coupon code of big12. The minute I saw it I said “No”. The poor girl behind the desk was completely confused. I went with it anyway, but all I could think of was little xii-ii …

Jeff it’s all your fault.

Are you a Hilton Honors member? If not, you may want to join (it’s free) since you are there all week. Last year I stayed at a Hilton property 3 days and only had to log in once for the 3 days. I believe you have to be checked in using your HHonors number for it to be activated. I’m sure the front desk can help you with this.

:lol: You sound like my ex-girlfriend, Marty.