OT* Let's Rodeo

The NFR (National Finals Rodeo) starts tonight. It’s 10 go-rounds in a row, no breaks.

I’m sure that Colorado Hog and a few others will be watching, as I will. Every night at 9 PM on CBS Sports Network, something unexpected will happen.

Rodeo Cowboys pay to enter Rodeo’s and get nothing unless they win or place in their event. No other sport comes close to that type of pressure. Tough folks - including the ladies. Try barrel racing full speed folks. It’s demanding. My wife was a good one.

These NFR folks are the best in the world. And typically really good people.

Heading down to Vegas Sunday for the rest of the week. It is my favorite week of the year. You can be sure of little in sports, but you can be certain that at the NFR, there will be nothing but 200% effort. If you don’t think these guys are athletes, try going from a dead stop on a large farm animal to full speed, jump off that animal on to a another 400 lb animal running full out and throw that sucker down and do it all in under 4 sec.

When you watch, you will notice the numbers that the competitors wear on their backs. Those numbers represent the rankings (by money won) for the year. Last night #1 and #2 both made mistakes. It was surprising to see, two of the best ever tie-down ropers missed with their first loops and had to try again. BTW, #2 (Trevor Brazile) has 23 world titles, eclipsing the previous record of 9. There is a reason that he in known as “the King of the Cowboys.”

LD and Jim both nailed it on these people. Fine tough folks! I’ve had the privilege of taking care of one of them that’s retired here in West Monroe area, and this guys body is a mess from all the stress he put it through years ago. There’s no telling how many surgeries he’s endured over the last 10 years. And he’s still as fit as a fiddle, staying active with cows and horses in the area. I sure appreciate watching these fine athletes on TV and all they’re able to do.

Oh, they get something, broken bones and bruises. Jim took me behind the grandstands at Frontier Days in Cheyenne to see the cowboys getting ready for the bull riding. They sat on benches and taped their knees, arms, wrists, shoulders. They sat there in gym shorts and no shirt. Wiry little farts. Basically, you could look into their locker room so to speak and watch them get ready. None were saying a word. They were zoned in. I supposed that is the only way you can do that. Some of the other cowboys for other events were bigger and heavier, but those bull riders were just bones, tendons and the some muscle. No body fat that I could see. I guess you don’t want to give the bull anything they can throw around that doesn’t help you. No fat anywhere on those men.

Met Trevor at the World Quarter Horse Championships a few years back he is a unbelievable competitor as you will ever meet in a sports competition. WPS