OT (lets have a discussion)

Maybe this has been talked about but what’s your thoughts about Clay writing a book?

Maybe it been addressed but I don’t remember it.

If any body has the gift of writing and with so much knowledge should consider it.

I have posted this before everybody goes to the BB board.

Any thoughts?

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Not in my plans right now. Maybe some day. Not much pay in books for the work it takes.

That’s a retirement project. I’m not ready yet.

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My best friend wrote a book about the murder of his great, great uncle (or something like that). He worked a couple of years on it and I did some proofreading along the way. It was a labor of love and could only be done because he was retired. Incredible amount of time, research and effort in writing and then publishing a book. He self published it and sells it on Amazon. He’s in the black on the book but barely.

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