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------------------ since a lot of folks here either are or are thinking about becoming Cable Cord Cutters:

Streaming Options Comparison Chart

There were two main reasons that I switched back to YouTube TV from Hulu. One was the increase in fees after an introductory period. The second was the inclusion of PBS. None of the other streaming services offer it. After the introductory period, YTTV is quite a bit cheaper than Hulu.

YoutubeTV has gradually improved. Since I signed up, they have added HGTV, Food Network, and now PBS. They have also improved their Guide and, since the storage is unlimited, I record almost everything. If they add the History Channel, I may get rid of my Philo account. I really enjoy Forged in Fire and Vikings on the History Channel. That is “must see TV” for me.

Yeah, about the only thing that I miss is A&E (Live PD and First 48). I infrequently watched History, particularly after they switched to “reality” TV. I loved the old history shows, that actually had to do with history.

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Philo has (and YoutubeTV doesn’t have) DIY, A&E, FYI, Science, & History channels. If YoutubeTV ever gets History, I can live without the others and save $20 per month. That savings could go towards the $6 per month ( I just added after the free month trial) to get CBS All Access so I can watch the new Startrek: Picard series.

When the History Channel first came out, I watched it a LOT. I don’t even miss it. Used to be lots of good documentaries about WWII, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, etc. Now, “Ancient Aliens” :roll_eyes:

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