OT: Lady Vols


Tennessee is bringing back its Lady Vols brand. I doubt Arkansas brings back Lady’Backs, especially under this administration, but its interesting to see a women’s brand being revived in the SEC.

The Lady Vols name packs a lot more punch than Lady 'Backs ever did. Going back to it would make some of our former players/alumni happy, wouldn’t change much else. Of course you probably could say that about what Tennessee is doing.

Nationally, I think you are right. But locally, Lady’Backs was as synonymous with Arkansas’ women’s sports - in particular the basketball team - as Lady Vols was to the people in Tennessee.

To me, Lady’backs denotes basketball, just as Gym’backs applies to gymnastics.

To me Gym’backs is a marketing thing. However, I see the UA website is using that on first reference for the gymnastics team. I think it’s pretty silly actually. Are you gonna call the tennis team the Net’backs? I’ll skip over the possibilities for the swimming team…

They have been the Gym’backs from the beginning, back when there were still Lady’backs.

Oh my. :shock:

I know where they got the idea (Georgia is the Gymdogs), but that doesn’t mean both schools aren’t being kinda silly about it. Almost as silly as the Dirtbags at Long Beach State, although that at least is an original idea.

I don’t even know the name of the women who play basketball? What is it? I thought it was Lady Razorbacks…

When the men’s and women’s athletic departments were merged in 2008, Arkansas began asking for all the teams to be referred to only as Razorbacks. Brand identity.

Outside of Gym’Backs for gymnastics, I’m not sure Arkansas uses any kind of team name variation in its press releases. You don’t see terms like Diamond Hogs or Lady’Backs anymore.