OT, anybody had full knee replacement do? IMO IF GIVEN the chance tell whoever thinks you need a knee replaced. TELL them thanks BUT NO-Thanks. In 1998, so 20 years ago I fell off a roof, landed (NECK) on a 2 X 12 and SNAP #5 vertebrae. TIME heals a lot of things. But as it relates to pain, (Insurance People) kidney stones are #1 and Full knee replacement and the recovery process is # 2… NOTE I am finally able to bend my right knee to sit comfortable enough to type.

I can’t remember if the neck break and knee replacement which has is or has been the worst.

The very first therapy guy said Kidney stones were #1 in pain and #2 is full knee replacement and rehab was #2. I have had to uxse what I call Chinese Torture to get the bends even close to normal.

Back to another prostate check AGAIN. AND this has nothing to do with the neck and arthritis and essential tremors. The overall pain is just about to run me over. I could asll about 3 more things but it just keeps piling up.Heart is on the list.

Then Brenda has a patient that has cerebral-palsy (Sp?) just a kid. Mercy…

Any suggestions? AND my parents live to 90. 65 is just months away…90? I’ll never make it. Think of me as a prayer every once in a while.

Sorry to hear, 339. I hope it gets better for you and you look back on the knee replacement as a positive move at some point. I know you can’t imagine that at this current time. However, I have spoken to many who have had one or both knees replaced over the years (I will eventually need to get at least one, if not both, done myself) and for most, it is difficult for at least the first several weeks. But most of them eventually get to the point where they are much better off than before the surgery and are glad they did it.

My ex-wife is among those. She has had both done (not at the same time) and is encouraging me to do it as well. Difference is that she’s not 75 lbs overweight!! That won’t make it any easier.

Easy for me to say - but . . . hang in there. Best wishes for a rapid recovery.

Prayers 339. I was in rehab for a shoulder issue a couple of years ago. My therapist told me that she had good news and bad news. The good news was that she could make my shoulder functional. The bad news was that the rehab was the second most painful next to knee replacement. After getting started I thought there is no way knee replacement therapy could be more painful - that is until I saw a lady do her first session after knee replacement. Wow…tough.

I certainly abused my knees in sports/rodeo but at this point they only lock up on occasion. Dad warned me that old age is NOT for a sissy.

Blessings for improved health.

Of the 7 other guys in my golf group, 3 have had knee replacements, went through some pain in rehab but ultimately started playing golf again and were much better off eventually.

If anybody needs to know anything about hip replacements, I’ve had 3, one a replacement of a replacement that was cobalt. I can tell you all about the cobalt. Just pm me.