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On XM they have the Johnny Carson channel. Today I happened to be listening to it and they played a show from December 13, 1978. Guest was Lou Holtz (while he was the coach at Arkansas of course). It was a great listen. I know some thought he got to busy doing stuff like that instead of coaching, but I think any time your coach can get that high profile, it is only good for the program. I always wonder what would have happened in Lou had stayed. Was there no “course correction” that Frank could have given him instead of firing him? Oh well.

Good question, my instincts tell me that Lou’s shelf life was short as noted by his lack on longevity at any school. His average tenure was just over 4 years per school which did include 10 years at ND.

Lou could have capitalized on that in recruiting, but he didn’t. For a guy who could have been great at it, he wasn’t. He let the program slip until Frank had enough. BTW Lou was on Carson within a few days or weeks following the Orange Bowl win. It would not have been Dec 13, 1978, nearly a year later.

Related question: Didn’t JFB talk to Holtz later about coming back? During the Crowe / Kines / Ford period mabye?

I missed the very first of it, but I think it was at least the second time. They mentioned that we were getting ready to play in the Fiesta Bowl (which was Christmas Day 1978 if memory serves)

I thought Lou’s visit on the JC show was just before the orange bowl as well. While he was there taping on the show 3 players got accused of sexual assault. 3 players didn’t play in the game. Donny Bobo, Ben Cowens, Mike Forrest.

This was for sure right before the Fiesta Bowl in 1978. According the IMDB he was on Carson in 1965 (who would have guessed, and why?) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1333572/?ref_=nm_flmg_slf_47
also in 1978 (this is the one I listened to today) https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1370674/?ref_=nm_flmg_slf_47 also in 1981 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7579590/?ref_=nm_flmg_slf_47 and lastly in 1991 https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6338484/?ref_=nm_flmg_slf_47

The 1965 one makes me go “what?”

Yes. Frank was inclined to rehire Lou during that time. I do not recall the exact time, but I think it was when Crowe got fired.

I don’t recall Lou being on the Carson show a second time. If he was, it probably was before the Fiesta Bowl. He did not appear before the Orange Bowl. It was the big Orange Bowl win over OU & some of Lou’s quips afterward that got the show’s attention. It was a really big deal at the time.

This appears to be the first of 2 times as an Arkansas coach. I strongly doubt he was on there in the 1960’s as shown on IMDB. Again, no doubt this was December of 1978, they were talking about the upcoming Fiesta Bowl which was in late December of 1978.

I must have been wrong about the date. I think that 12/13/78 date was right & my memory of it being shortly after the Orange Bowl was just off. (In my defense, it has been 42 years.). I watched the clip & that’s the show I remember watching when he was on the first time.

I know! When I was listening to it, I kind of thought, based on the date, that it was a second appearance (again, I missed the first few minutes). When he did the magic trick I thought “wasn’t that the first time he was on?” Memory fads!!!

Lou wrote about it in his book. He said he met someone at NBC at the Orange Bowl who knew Johnny’s director. Lou told him his dream was to be on show. A few weeks later he got a call and it happened. Only time he was on. I read this last month.

The book has few details on his firing other than to say it was not explainable. Of course he does not go into details about the slide in recruiting a bunch of great black players in Arkansas. Just ignores that. Sad part is several great players from the Hogs had their names spelled wrong in his book.

Rumor or fact: Holtz was once on the phone with a high school QB and told him that UA wanted a black QB to run the Veer. Holtz didn’t realize the kid he was talking to was white. :flushed:

Never heard that one.

A relative who was a HS coach told me that he and a lot of other coaches couldn’t stand Holtz. Said he was rude and condescending to them. He bad mouthed some players simply because of their hair and appearance without knowing them. He said some coaches steered players away from Arkansas because of Holtz.

Lou no doubt was a very good coach, but not really a fit at Arkansas. He di great with Broyles players and had a great staff. He then let it slide. If he would have just recruited, it was set up to the program right at the top.

Of course, Lou really did not have to recruit much at ND. Perhaps he had learned by then as well.

I met him a few times and he was always nice to me. Wish it had worked better.

I said when he left here and was at Minnesota that if he ever got the ND job he would win big. I don’t think he hated recruiting as much as BP did, but he didn’t like it. ND, especially at the time, recruited itself. It was much more selecting than it was recruiting. I am sure that is not 100% true, but much more than most places.

When Lou was inducted into the Arkansas Hall of Honor (that is the Razorback Foundation Hall), I was one of the volunteers. A friend and I were assigned to pin boutonnieres on the honorees. My friend drew Lou. He was quite rude and dismissive to her when she went to him with his flower. He never wore such things.

I always volunteer to pin the boutonnieres on the baseball players and we split the rest. My friend has been known to “claim” a significant football player.

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