OT:. Ken Hatfield

I have heard folks say and I also have noticed he is a class human being. While at the VA in Fayetteville Tuesday, I spotted him working as a volunteer in the pharmacy waiting area. You don’t find many men of his kind in our world. Sooie! “Impressive”

Thanks for sharing.
Thanks to Ken Hatfield, Great Player, Coach, Razorback.

Have had the opportunity to be around him a few times and he is as good of a man as you will meet.

I was a young Armor Officer in Germany and wrote him a letter just voicing my support and respect for how he handled the Miami loss -

Leading men in any conpetive organization is difficult

He wrote me back - a hand written note thanking me for the support, my service to the nation . And the grasp of the task of leadership

I can neither confirm or deny he affirmed America was safer with a Razorback in a tank turret leading 14 other tanks and coordinating the shock effect of Mounted maneuver with other commanders while applying direct and indirect fires at the enemy’s center of gravity with robust violence

Being a Razorback Tank Company Comander with 14 Tracked War Hogs - looks something like the OLine Ciach Bret is building at Arkansas

Remember the unofficial motto of Armor folks

‘‘Brute Force and Ignorance’’

A coordinated attack with Armor is not a surgical strike - it’s a blungening into submission

Sorry I digress

Ken Hatfield is a fine man - but critical history will show he also is responsible for the dismal bowl record and his conflict with JFB (I suspect) led to the darkness of the early 90’s

Some may say - only now are we recovering from when the wheels came off the program when he left for Clemson

But then again - maybe Ciach Hatfield saw the jump to the SEC and the dedicated effort my Texas (spit) to punish Arkansas with blocking recruiting in that state as much as possible that Arkansas was in for some tough times

Oh well - I’m grateful for Coach Hatfield - in the best of days you knew the program was a 8-9 win team in the old SWC

  • just don’t expect a bowl win - but the program was clean

Ken Hatfield and Harold Horton - probably the two friendliest football coaches I have ever known.

Christians get a bad wrap sometimes because of saying one thing and doing another but this man walks the walk and talks the talk. A good human being. A role model for all.

The break with Broyles was on Broyles and those he was listening to. I did set us back for a few years.