OT - Kareem Reid AAO Flight 2022

Kareem coaches the 2022 AAO Flight (girls) team based out of Springdale. My niece’s daughter plays on Kareem’s team. He’s done a great job with these young ladies. The kids and parents love Kareem. He’s always off the bench coaching and he’s excellent with the girls. He knows how to get their best effort.

Some of these young ladies are already getting noticed by recruiting folks (even at 14 years old). Last fall when we were in NW Arkansas for the TCU game we were able to attended a couple of games. These kids are impressive.

We were also able to meet Kareem. He is quite the character calling me Uncle Danny.

If you want to see some good basketball check the schedule at the AAO gym in Springdale.

Good to hear. He’s one of the more underrated players in program history. I wish he had been available for '95. We never got to see him with a lot of offensive talent around him.

I am so happy for Kareem to make a difference in Kids lives. He was one of my faves.

It just hit me that Kareem reminds me of Nolan coaching. He’s not afraid to get on the refs. And he get’s his share of T’s. He loses that easy going personality when the ball is tipped he’s into the game barking instructions to the girls. We saw them lose a tough game last fall. My sweet little niece was devastated, she wanted to win in front of her Uncle and Aunt. The girls played great but were missing 3 key players. Kareem pulled Caroline aside and gently encouraged her and bragged on her hustle. The tears instantly went away. I like Kareem.

I like hearing this about one of our great basketball players.
Good news is something we don’t get often enough.