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I’m at day #8 of a confirmed bout with Covid. Started out with mild symptoms but they’ve worsened to what I would characterize as moderate in the last couple of days, including intermittent fever over 102. No breathing problems, thank goodness.

Would be curious to know how many other of you have, or have had, Covid, and how long did your symptoms last? Really ready to be over this stuff.

Took test on Dec. 28 and results on the 29th. Felt like crap on Christmas Day. I ran a low grade fever (100-100.5) until last Wednesday. Persistent headache ever sense but not debilitating. No lung problems, coughing etc. What has bothered me the most is the dang fatigue. So tired sometimes I don’t want to take a whiz.

What really makes me mad is that I was the most Covid cognizant guy on the planet. Masks, social distancing, you name it and I still get the crud. Makes you want to slap an SEC ref.

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I might also add that I was otherwise very healthy. No preexisting conditions plus I’m a life long swimmer and exercise guy. Makes you double PO’d.

My ex-wife got it. It was pretty serious for weeks. They worried about having to put her on a ventilator, but it never quite got that point. She has been dragging on for over a month and she still has trouble breathing. She is not out of the woods yet.

One daughter had it and she was pretty sick for a few days. Bad headache. Lost all sense of smell and taste. It pretty ran its course after 1 week or so, though she still has headaches and has trouble focusing.

Son-in-law got it and had headaches, fever, etc. Pretty lethargic after 10 days, but he was in super soccer shape and could run forever so he was pretty prepared to fight it. Lost smell and taste.

The ex was in a cardiac rehab facility when she got it. The kids were very serious about isolating, masks, etc., so they aren’t sure where they might have been exposed.

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Man, reading your post is very concerning. I’m also a lifelong exerciser, lots of running. And, since this pandemic, I don’t even leave the Fayetteville city limits. I workout, go to the grocery store, have limited family time and had no Thanksgiving or Christmas, I have not been out to a restaurant and never out without the mask. And, I’m 70 with treated hypertension, and tendency to blood clots. It’s a depressing time! On top of all this…the hateful politics. Having to fight depression.


The isolation if frustrating. Just know that you have friends here and we are willing to talk if you want. Depression is tough.

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Absolutely! Anyone needs someone to chat with, vent at, let me know. I can make time to for you and would be glad to lend an ear to anyone who needs it. Send me a PM if you want to chat over the phone or I can chat via PM. Let me know! Let’s help each other.


I tested positive New Year’s day. My wife was positive December 30th. Both of us were coughing a lot, with sinus issues and headaches. She threw up a couple times and I had bouts of diarrhea. She was very tired and achy and slept a lot. We’re both over the hump and doing much better (not 100%). We’ve been very careful, staying home mostly and masks when we do have to get out. We’re now out of quarantine and our doctors gave us the okay to head to Florida in our RV for our annual January trip. I’m chomping at the bit to get the vaccine. Stay safe!

PS - We were advised by a friend who is a Nurse Practitioner to take the following vitamins daily. 4,000 mg of vitamin D3, 2000 mg of vitamin C, 100 mg of Zinc, Melatonin and a baby aspirin. We’re faithfully followed that protocol and maybe it helped us lessen the affects. FYI

I’ve avoided it, fortunately, but a good friend/former co-worker of mine (age 31, female and pregnant) is currently hospitalized in Oklahoma on extremely high flow oxygen; her oxygen saturation drops into the 60s and 70s very easily (it should be in the mid-90s). If she gets any worse she’ll be put on the ventilator.

Forgot to mention how she got infected, She’s a nurse and knows very well about masks and social distancing and hand washing. But her husband, who works in the Oklahoma oil fields, unknowingly picked up the virus, came home and took a bite of her ice cream cone. When she finished the cone, she got the virus.

I’m a little older. I’d stop going to the grocery store. Wal mart has on line grocery store ordering and no contact pick up. I’m sure most all grocery stores have it too.

It’s so easy with Walmart. Sign up your debit/credit card and they list every thing you’ve purchased every week with your card. They all show up as favorites every time you order. Chose your day and time to pick up. They will text and email you when your order is ready . Just drive by the stores designated pivk up area, unlock your trunk or tail gate and they will load your groceries.

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Thanks, everyone, for the feedback. Like several of you mentioned, I also am a former runner and have stayed in reasonably good shape for a 73-year old, so that helps. No underlying health issues. If I had been more careful, I doubt that I would have contracted this. My wife and I got complacent while visiting grandkids over the holidays in Hot Springs Village. I caught the virus, she didn’t (thankfully). I would caution everyone to please, please keep your guard up against this awful virus. Wear your masks, social distance, etc. I don’t remember ever being this sick and hope I never am again.


I’ve debated several times over the last year to share my story because it is a little different. I’ve never been diagnosed with covid, but my doctor believes I had it last January and February when I was sick for 19 days. Some might remember it’s what kept me from covering the opening baseball series last year.

This was before much was known about covid and before covid tests were available. At my doctor’s advice I did not take an antibody test during the summer because of the high false positive/negative rate.

My symptoms were a bad cough, difficulty breathing, loss of smell, loss of taste and high fever. I felt so bad that I went to the ER during the Super Bowl last year and was tested for pneumonia and given a breathing treatment. I was tested for pneumonia a second time about a week later because my symptoms had persisted and they were most consistent with pneumonia.

I lost about 10 pounds during that time and once the symptoms were gone I felt weak for another several weeks. Our daughter was born March 17 and I remember having a thought that day that I still did not feel like myself.

Again, I was never confirmed covid positive, but I have little doubt it’s what I had and that I would have been treated much differently had it occurred six weeks later. It was as sick as I’ve ever been and something I don’t want to experience again.

I’ll add that it was an interesting experience in that while the cough persisted for the entire time, there were a couple of times during those 19 days that I thought I had gotten over whatever I had, only for a new wave to hit several hours later. I think the worst I felt was the final weekend that I was sick, a couple of days before the fever went away for good.

Matt, doing your own contact tracing, can you guess where you might have caught it, had you travelled?

I had not traveled, but I had been in several high-occupancy places in the 7-10 days before I got sick — a couple of basketball games, a wedding, the doctor’s office for baby checkups, restaurants, swim meets and some baseball scrimmages. Not to mention my son was in a daycare and my wife is a teacher/coach at a high school and her sport (swimming/diving) was in season. There are any number of ways I could have contracted whatever I had.

I know of one other person as far back as Nov-Dec 2019 who became very ill and was treated similarly for pneumonia initially and was eventually put on ventilator and was near death, but slowly recovered. Doctors couldn’t explain it other than something viral.

I flew to NWA for Christmas last year, flew home on the 31st. Started getting sick later that week. Was bad sick for about a week, and had a cough so bad sometimes I couldn’t hardly catch my breath. A couple times I thought I was going to have to go to the hospital and get some oxygen or asma inhaler or something. Was only bad sick for about a week, but couldn’t completely shake the cough until the middle of Feb. By the time people were talking about Covid being here, I was feeling better so never got tested.

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At the time Matt had it, the virus was arriving in our area via over seas travel. I didn’t know what Matt had but I didn’t want to be around him.

Pretty sure the first case in NWA came from a Dr’s daughter who either lived, or was a student in NYC, pretty sure he got it, too.

Rice, who knows when it first got to NWA. Could have been someone never tested with mild symptoms. I think you are talking about diagnosed cases. If you are not tested - just as Matt was not — kinda hard to really say who was first.

Matt kept telling me nothing worked to get him relief and to stop the coughing. He stays in decent shape and exercises. We would talk on the phone and he sounded bad for 3 weeks. It was a word or two then coughing fits. I did not try to talk to him in the evenings.

The first confirmed case was the doctor’s daughter, but I think it was probably in Northwest Arkansas in late 2019 due to the high volume of travel in and out of the area. It wasn’t until late February or early March before covid tests were available.

What caused me to go to the hospital last February was a report earlier that week about a high number of pneumonia deaths in Arkansas during the month of January 2020. I did not want to take potentially having pneumonia lightly. My theory — and this could be completely wrong — is that covid caused pneumonia-related deaths early in the year, but no one knew to check for covid.