OT Joe Pickett series has begun on Paramount+

There was a long thread on posters’ favorite TV series, books, and authors and several were fans of CJ Box who wrote the Joe Picket book(s?).

The series started 4 weeks ago. The episodes are all streaming on Paramount+. I watched the first 3 episodes on Memorial Day and am going to watch the 4th one tonight.

So far, they have been very good.

I’m watching too. It reminds me of Longmire.

Remember, Joe and Longmire “live” in the same area and both CJ Box and Craig Johnson live in WY.

The TV is following the first book, Open Season, a lot closer that most adaptions of good books… They have messed with some things. Nate does not come onto the scene until a little later, but he was introduced early on TV. I can understand why. Nate is a major player in the series (there are over 20 books). Don’t mess with Nate or you will find out what a 454 from Freedom Arms is all about!

I love me some Joe Pickett. By the way, Joe is a very good fly fisherman as is his creator, CJ.

Mrs. Buzzard and I (as well as my dad and mother) read all the Joe Pickett books. We watched season 1 of the series and enjoyed it, though it was a bit different than the two books it combined.

If this is anything like Longmire, I’m in. I did not get into Yellowstone. I thought Longmire was terrific.

You would love Joe Pickett, at least the books.

Joe Pickett is a Wyoming game warden, who manages to get involved in a lot of bizarre criminal cases. The descriptions of the main characters, the locals, the outsiders, life in Wyoming and the natural world in Wyoming are consistently entertaining.

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I made it to the sisters w the Emu in episode 1, and then fell asleep, I’ll try again tonight. After just finishing 1883 (recommended in another OT thread), this seems a little slow moving.

I have found it interesting that the Longmire TV series does not really follow the books. There are different characters used in different ways. However Craig Johnson has said that he has approved all of those changes. The thing that I missed most within the TV series is the sense of humor that is shown in the books.

No way could the Vick in the books be on open TV.


Those characters are taken from real people and you can meet most of them as you go around WY. Well, you may not meet Nate, but he is out there.

Yes, the connection to real people and events makes the books more enjoyable. As to Nate, while I’ve met many a man who can bend an ear, it is pretty remarkable to find someone that can twist one right off.

I can’t find the series— any suggestion— have read all the books and if you’ve not your in fora treat

The only place it’s playing right now, I believe, is on Paramount+. It’s a streaming service. It was originally CBS All Access. CBS bought Paramount and changed the streaming service name to Paramount+. I bought CBS All Access which was originally $5.95 a month. I imagine Paramount+ now is a little more than that.

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I took the trial to watch 1883, got three mths for 2/mth, then it goes to 9.99. You can still get if for 5 w commercials. It snuck up on me and I got hit for the 9.99, but overall, not impressed and will not be renewing.

Vick may not be straight from the books. But I am not complaining.

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