(OT) Jermaine Taylor

Why is this man not kept in a cage? if he is going to be allowed to roam freely, shouldn’t he at least be required to wear a bright orange tee shirt that says in bold letters CAUTION I BEAT WOMEN? I realize that there is something wrong with his brain, but the general public needs to be protected from him. Especially women who lack good judgement.

I’d like to see JT tossed into the octogon with Ronda Rausey in a MMA style fight. Ronda could give him some serious payback for all of the women’s he has put his hands on.


I feel sorry for him. He’s obviously suffered brain damage. However, you’re right, eagle. He probably needs to be put away. I’d rather see him confined in a mental hospital than a prison, but he needs both treatment & separation from society

part of his problem is that he continues to abuse alcohol and use drugs.his victims are scarred of him and don’t show up to testify.may have all the evidence but without the victim’s statement…nothing can be done so the charges get dropped…