OT: Issues with website

Matt or anyone else please. I am able to get onto this site daily but for some reason the past several days I am having issues opening stories. The stories will open and then it asks me if I am a subscriber and to login. I hit the login button and it takes me back to home page and then I go back to article and the cycle repeats itself. I have logged off and logged back in so it is not a password issue as even tried another password just in case and couldn’t get in but did with the correct one but still got same issues.

I have no issues coming to the forums and reading everything here just not articles.

Any suggestions as I would love to read the articles I am paying for.

I don’t know if this is the problem, but signing into the forums does not sign you in to the front page. I suggest that you click on the Latest News link in the banner above. Then login there.

I do that periodically when I get a not logged in error.

Let me know if that works.

Yeppers…tried that as well and same issue, asks me if I am a subscriber and to login…wash, rinse and repeat. Ugh.


seems like advice to me once on this issue was to clean my cache (not trying to be personal). Try that.

I think someone else has had a similar problem recently. I asked Matt to check on this.

Ok - thanks Clay. Hopefully we can get it fixed soon.

Check your personal messages, please.

Responded Matt.

Looks like we have the issue figured out. I appreciate your help on this Matt!


I have had the same the same thing and I felt like saying to hell with it. It cleared up and doing great…

I have the same frustrating problem and have had for months

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