OT: Is there a way to mark unread as read?

All of the sudden I have tons of unread posts going back months. They aren’t really unread as far as I can tell. I’d like to bulk mark them as read, if possible.

Man I had that 2 different x a few months ago, had to delete 1 at a time and some of mine went back 2 or 3 years crazy. They just should up 1 day as unread like 117 of them

I went through them one by one. Now the red buttons have turned gray. At the bottom, it says there are no more unread. But the Unread button on the top still says there are 28 unread.

I haven’t took the time to mess with it.
I’m still trying to get used to this new format.
The good news is this is by far the best place to get the news about our HOGS!

Check all forums like I said I had exactly this same problem I pm Matt but he couldn’t help so I just keep looking anything in blacker type font delete to not just red dots

At the bottom of the Unread list (lower right) you will find a grey button Dismiss…. Click on that and the list will be cleared. NOTE: You might want to scan through the list first to see if there is something that you really want to read.

Thx. Appreciate the help.

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