OT… is anyone watching the show 1883

It’s very very good in my opinion….

Yep… agree

I love it and all those period pieces. My family immigrated out west in that time frame and settled in Northwest Kansas back and forth to Colorado…only to lose it during the dust bowl when we ended up back in Missouri in the 1950’s.

Very good. Sam Elliot is the best.

Sam Elliott, Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw were in town (Amarillo) a couple of weeks ago to do some filming for that program.

Yes it is very good. However, it is a prequel to the “Yellowstone” series, now in it’s 4th season, that I believe is even better. The creator, screen writer, and director of both series is very good at character development, so “1883” may prove to be just as good as Yellowstone as the series continues.

I started out watching Yellowstone and faded out. I think 1883 is better. I did watch an episode of Yellowstone last night. I’m lost in that series. Might have to double back. Yellowstone got to a point in the third volume where it was too far fetched and I lost interest.

I was spoiled by Longmire. Hard to top or compare with that series.

I’m enjoying 1883! Yellowstone has been a disappointment this season. There isn’t enough content based on the Yellowstone storyline and too many commercials. It feels like you get about 15 minutes of new Yellowstone material each week and the rest is the four sixes or 1883. Next week is already the season finalie of Yellowstone.

I agree a bit. They are spinning off a new series with Jimmy. I thought they spent 1/2 to a 1/3 of each episode this season on Jimmie’s character and story, building up for the spin-off. I also think Taylor Sheridan spread himself too thin as he’s writing, directing, and acting now in Yellowstone, while also totally involved in 1883 and building the other spin-off.

Yellowstone has suffered some this season. I get a feeling this may be the last episode for Yellowstone. It’s probably time. Costner’s probably ready to hang up the acting and just concentrate on producing 1883 and the next spin-off.

I agree, Clay. Longmire was great!
I keep hoping that they will come out with another season. Such a great series.
Justified is right there with it!

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The already have a contract for season 5 so I guess we have one more season at least.

I didn’t realize til this morning who that “killer sheriff” from Fort 'Worth was. Billy Bob Thornton.

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Never heard of it. I tried watching Yellowstone but all the GDs being said in there totally turned me off of it…

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Taylor Sheridan is a big fan of my brand and puts them it most of his moves and series. Had a chance to meet him at what I think is now his rodeo event (Brozos Bash) at a famous ranch in Weatherford, TX. We were invited to attend as a vendor. He is an intense guy. Not mean, just intense in how he comes across. If it he is laughing, yelling, shaking a hand, anything…intense.

I think I like the 1883 show more than Yellowstone. Yellowstone is all over the place now and tough for me to watch in a uncommitted manner. I’m just holding off until I can watch them all in a couple of days on one of our big snow days (hope sooner than later).

Longmire was fantastic. Matt Dillon like. Youngsters will not understand.

Do youngsters understand anything?

There is another Longmire book out, maybe they will do another season.

I imagine the screen rights will be very lucrative.

Last book was released 9/21, Daughter of the Morning Star. I had it read by 9/22! I believe Criag said the next one is due sometime in March but could be into the summer.

If you like Longmire, strongly recommend the Joe Pickett series by C J Box. Both at set in almost the exact location.

Longtime was cancelled because of demographics . It was #1 on Netflix.

Yellowstone is dominating ratings

I was late to the Longmire tv series, but once I discovered it I was addicted and binge-watched the whole thing over a few days.

I’m enjoying 1883. Never seen Yellowstone.