OT - Iphone SE? Anyone else using it for cell phone?

I can’t stand the gigantic phones that my wife, daughters, friends, etc. use. I have kept my Iphone SE for over three years refusing to upgrade. It fits in my shirt or coat pocket, I can dial numbers with one hand, and it is very easy to use. I keep hearing rumors that Apple will finally release an Iphone SE2 this year

Iphone SE2 Rumors

My SE battery is starting to be a problem, but I can replace the battery for $50 so I still may not upgrade if this new one is any bigger at all than my current one. Am I the only one holding out here?

I held out until a couple of months ago. Absolutely hated to get another phone. My SE served me well for years. That last drop on the asphalt while riding my bike was more than it could handle tho.

I recently upgraded to an 8 from an SE. A little larger, but still fits in a pocket. Also, better battery than the SE. And much less expensive than an 11.

Nate Allen is the real hold out with a flip phone.

Haha love it my flip phone just died 4 months ago, was perfectly happy with the flipper

The SE is perfect for me. I like a smaller phone.

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