OT - Interesting read about Saban's hiring at Alabama

and how incredibly close Bama was to hiring another coach. Actually did, but he backed out a day later.

https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/alaba … ick-saban/

That was very good. I knew about what happened with Rich Rodriguez, but reading Terry Saban’s account of their moves was a new insight.

“The flux from January 1997 to January 2007 included a 1-9 record against Tennessee, a 3-7 record against Auburn, a 3-7 record against LSU, and losses to a murderers row of also-rans: Kentucky, Central Florida, Louisiana Tech, Northern Illinois, and Southern Miss. A new paradigm of high turnover and NCAA sanctions had shifted the Tide from elite program to laughingstock.”

There are those that often refer to HDN’s success during the time period mentioned here. This quote puts some things in perspective. The SEC West wasn’t that strong then.

You’re right, the strength of the SEC was in the East with Fla, Tn, and Ga leading the way.