OT: in vs out of state students

My wife just received a flyer from her UA sorority detailing their latest pledge class.

29 pledges from AR
102 pledges from other states, most TX.


You see ALOT if Razorback license plates around Dallas metroplex

Not sure why that is astonishing. According to Mr. Google, Ark’s population is just over 3 million. DFW and Houston are each more than twice as big, just under 7 million. Kansas City and Oklahoma City combined have more people than Arkansas. Enrollment is up over 27k students, and there is no way they are going to get that many from home.

Less than 23% of the students are from TX, but with sorority/fraternity costs about $3-4K the the first year, them rich Texans probably have deeper pockets, lol. I’ve had one in each the past few years, probably wasn’t near that drastic, but lots of kids from Texas, good kids too, mine liked staying in Highland Park for the aTm games.

It’s astonishing.

Last figures I saw were that the freshman class in August 2019 was 51% Arkansas kids. Ricepig’s analysis is probably correct; the economic status of the kids we get from Texas is such that they’re going to be overrepresented in the Greek system.

In the late 70’s, we didn’t have anyone from out of state in my fraternity, unless you count the brothers from Texarkana that went to Texas High.

I wasn’t in a frat, but I knew a fair amount of sorority girls in my time (78-82) and quite a few of them even at that time were from out of state. Dallas, Tulsa, Kansas City, even one from Roswell, NM.

Humble brag

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I didn’t say they went out with me…

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I’m astonished that 131 girls are in one sorority’s pledge class.

Aloha Swine,

Was the Roswell lady a Kappa Kappa Gamma?

By the way, the Greek population has exploded at UA. Some of the sororities are the largest sorority houses in the country.


Yes, Guy, you know exactly who I’m talking about.

Getting back to humble-brag, I did go out with two of them. One time each. :slight_smile:


With the bordering state rules for in-state tuition, Arkansas picks up a ton of kids from Texas. That and the fact that they have a really hard time getting into the Texas schools.

Not sure how I feel about it. Really hurt one of my kid’s chances of getting any type of scholarship money even with a really high ACT and really good grades…he got zero offered to him. Oh well, he’s graduated and done so that’s water under the bridge.

Right at 50% of the new freshman class is from Texas. 3/5 freshman girls went through rush with 93% receiving a bid. 1600 girls
Men’s numbers trend lower with 900 going through and only 500 staying in and receiving a final bid.
That 7% rule for entry into the Texas schools changed the UA massively since 2006.
Now it’s a little bit of a trap. UA receives a higher tuition from Texas students and they tend (due to the 7%) to have higher ACT scores.

Legislature & BOT are trying to keep UofA at no more than 50% from out of state per belief that out of staters offer little or no benefit to the state of Arkansas. Note that AL & other SEC schools are growing enrollment & alumni base some with up to 60+% from out of state & some offering same tuition for either in or out-of-state.

It has been a win-win for UofA & other schools to grow out of state students. The higher out of state tuition rates help to subsidize costs for in-state students, including more scholarship $ for AR kids. The high out of state academic acceptance requirements help to improve the quality of the curriculum & UofA rankings, same at ut & aTm do to elevate their rankings.

Many from AR argue that UofA should be only for the benefit of AR kids. However UofA needs outside students to maintain enrollment levels & to cover more costs. With 30 million inTX & almost 9 million in No. TX (projected to reach 20 million), that is an opportunity for UofA to benefit. A percentage of the out of state kids do remain in AR to work (if job opportunities exist), but a lot of out state families of UofA students also relocate themselves &/or their businesses to NWA which benefits AR with employees & growing tax base. Granted many UofA students, both in & out of state, go elsewhere to work, but many, ie Jerry Jones & Alice Walton, give $100s millions back to UofA for buildings, academics, & endowment. With a huge UofA alumni base & following in DFW, there are plenty here who support the UofA in all respects.

My son is 3rd generation & senior at UofA & from Plano & one of almost 300 from his graduating class of 1700 at Plano West HS to go to UofA (aka Plano West North). He hopes to remain in NWA to work after college subject to available job opportunities.

Hopeful that UofA will be allowed to grow, including alumni base, & not limited to those from in-state or out-of-state. With nearby big cities such as KC & DFW (4.5 hrs from UofA), & the shortage of universities in TX, UofA is in a position to grow & benefit, financially & academically. If Arkansas can offer more job opportunities (including those created by non-AR grads), the state of Arkansas also benefits.

Both of my girls graduated UofA. We live in Joplin and there is always over a 100 kids in the immediate Joplin area attending the UofA. For one thing MU is very expensive compared to Ark.

Wrong, less than 25% of the freshmen class is from Texas. Are you going to do this debate again, lol?

I’d like to see some prove of the 300 out of 1700, you have any link to back that up? I’d just like to see a Plano newspaper article or something that shows that. I find that to be a real high number, that’s all.

Numbers are based on my son’s 2016 graduating class. Not sure how much change 4 yrs later. Almost 100% the kids from the 3 large Plano schools go to college. With less than 250 eligible to get into ut or aTm based on class rank requirements, almost 1400 from my son’s class were seeking reputable colleges, with most going to ou, osu, UofA, & TT or colleges from other states. Baylor, SMU, & TCU are too expensive for most.