OT - In LR I cannot access today's Demozette online ---------

------ and I don’t remember this ever happening in the past. We had ice storms a few years ago with large areas of LR with no power but I don’t remember the paper not getting put out. I can understand delivery problems but this is no paper put together at all. Hoping it is just a problem on my end that someone will tell me I need to fix.

Is the Northwest version available online?

Call 501-378-3456 or email customerservice@arkansasonline.com.

I was just able to access the Little Rock edition, so I think it is an issue on your end. I’d suggest you contact one of the customer service options.

I too can get on now. I often wake in the middle of the night and, if the new edition is not up yet, you get whereever you left off when reading the previous day’s edition. Normally, between 3 & 4 is when the new paper goes online. Apparently, sometime after 8:00 AM, they finally got today’s edition issued. I wasn’t not getting to their website. I was just getting yesterday’s paper, not today’s. I probably didn’t explain that very well. Thanks for your help.

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