OT - In LR channel 7 ABC has disappeared ------------

---------- from my Roku & YoutubeTV streaming service. We are getting the national ABC feed instead of the local ABC station. Wondering if any other cord-cutters in LR have the same problem? I have rebooted everything with no change. Wondering if it is my problem or Channel 7’s?

Check to make sure your system shows the local zip code. My Roku was bouncing me between Springfield and Little Rock and Fort Smith. It should have been Springfield because they cover our weather forecast.

We switched to our new fiber optics.

It seems to be a channel 7 problem. We get the local CBS & NBC stations but not ABC. As soon as the local Good Morning Arkansas time ended, their “national feed” ended, and they started right up with the network Good Morning America. I wonder if they are having a “dispute” with YoutubeTV, the service that includes all of the local channels.

Sinclair, which is the parent company of KATV, has been in a dispute with YouTube TV and Hulu over its recently acquired regional sports networks — it’s why I haven’t been able to watch an MLB game this year that wasn’t aired by ESPN or FS1 — but I haven’t heard anything about that affecting Sinclair’s local affiliates.

I did a Twitter search and you aren’t the only one having this problem, and it’s not isolated to YouTube TV. Unless there is a carriage dispute that passed deadline, my guess is something on KATV’s end is not transmitting properly.

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