OT: I'm hearing Harry King has been laid off

The parent company of the Southwest Times Record reportedly (per a source with good connections at the SWTR) laid Harry off today by email. Nice way to handle it, guys.

It actually was last week. He was copied in an email. True story. One thing he told me, he won’t miss having to write on Saturday night deadline - asked to file as final second ticks off clock. He’s talented enough to do that. I don’t have to do that.

Great man.

I’m hoping that Harry will still be making contributions to HI Magazine.

One thing I didn’t miss about leaving UPI. Their deadline on sports was pretty much instantaneous, whether the game started at noon or 8 p.m. So I pretty much had to write in the fourth quarter/second half and be ready to hit send (or finish the dictation) as the clock hit zero. My first lede on the Balentine’s Day game was crap because I had about a minute to change my dictation while Dean Smith was plotting the final shot by Steve Hale. (Revised lede wasn’t much better.) Harry did the same thing at AP for years. You learned how, but it ain’t fun.
Harry’s a great guy and a great reporter. Haven’t talked to him in years and I’ve missed it.

Yes, Harry has been in every issue of Hawgs Illustrated since 1992 when it began. He’s about as good of a trusted friend as I have had. We love working together and also sharing time with each other’s family. He’ll always be in Hawgs Illustrated if I’m associated with the magazine.

I hate what has happened to the newspaper industry over the last 10-15 years. One of my best friends, a sports editor at a daily in Michigan, was laid off recently after 34 years. The loss of a lot of so much good journalism is not good for our society.

Unfortunately, what happened to Harry has happened to a lot of great reporters, columnists, photographers, editors, page designers, etc., at newspapers across the country.

I grew up delivering the Fort Smith newspaper. It was a good paper for its market. I went back down there a couple of months ago and picked up a copy, and it was just a shell of what it used to be. It was sad to see.

Harry is a good man and a good columnist. I value his opinion and I know a lot of others do, too. I’m hopeful his work will be picked up somewhere soon.

The Sacramento Bee used to have 8 or 9 page sports page. The last time I bought a paper a few months ago the whole paper was 8 or 9 pages

I agree on not good for society. It’s a very changing business climate for all sources of news. You have fewer news organizations in print or online with the resources to devote time to investigative journalism.

The people who run newspapers believe advertising is the true product and news is a cost center. This thinking has worked so well for them.

Harry was always really down-to-earth and genuine to me and a buddy of mine who worked at the student paper when we were in college. He was a big shot and we were nobodies but we sat next to him at the Sugar Bowl and he was hilarious chatting with us the whole time.