OT: I'm going to be a granddad!

First one for my wife and I, first one on my side of the family!

Admin feel free to delete, this could not be more off topic.


Congratulations. I entered that club 5 years ago. Nothing better. Nothing.

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Congratulations! We have 7 grands and there is nothing that can compare. You’re in for a lot of fun.

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Very, very special. So much fun. Your job is to spoil! I have 10 of them. Little boys are fun, but little girls will totally on you!


Special event for sure.

congratulations and enjoy!our 1st grandchild turned 18 last month and has already been sworn into the Marines…she leaves for basic like 2-3 weeks after her graduation in May…they grow up way too fast.

Congrats! I keep hoping for one, but my only offspring seems to be allergic to relationships.

Great news! Congrats! Maybe 2021 will really be a better year!

Count your blessing! Then, hope you live long enough to be like me, a GREAT Granddad! GHG!

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My wife and I have 12 now. A wise lady once said “grandchildren are so much fun I should have had them first”. Congratulations, I’m sure you and your wife will enjoy.

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Congratulations!! :balloon::balloon:

And why would we want to delete this? I consider the people on these forums to be one big family, sharing good new and bad. (Although the good news is much more fun!)

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Great news for you and the family… now you can spoil them in all things Razorback.

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Great point about spoiling them with all things Razorback. Four of my 7 grands are boys. All were born and raised in Tennessee. All have only visited Arkansas 1 time. Which included a Hog basketball game in Bud Walton arena. All wear Hog gear a lot. And especially to school. We love it. One grandson stated goal in life is to play baseball for the Hogs. A couple of summers ago my niece was playing AAU basketball in ATL and Kareem Reid was her coach. My niece introduced my grandson to Kareem and he was so excited to meet a former Hog. As we were leaving the arena that night the grandson saw Kareem leaving too. He ran over and told Kareem “I’ll see you in Fayetteville some day when I’m a Hog”. Kareem looked over at us and said “I like this kid”.

Side note: Our family loves Kareem. He was there to support us in a tough, tough time.

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Congrats! I’ve been one for 26 years now. My granddaughter will have “Dr.” in front of her name this spring as she’s completing her 5th year of a Doctoral program in Psychology. A brilliant and beautiful young lady. She completed her undergraduate degree Summa Cum Laude in 3 years with a double major.

She got all the brains in the family.

Absolutely nothing more fun than spoiling a grandchild.


Awesome let the fun begin.
I’m a Grandad 2 times.

LOL…I may be in that boat for a while as well sir!

Congrats on the special news!