OT: I'm going on vacation

It’s time for my annual trip to the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of America national specialty (a dog show for just one breed of dogs.) The dog show this year is in York, PA. This year the trip will conclude with an unusual visit on the way home.

I’ve always known that I was adopted. I grew up as an only child. After a little research I found my birth mother’s obituary last fall. It turns out that I have 7 brothers (one deceased) and a sister. All of them seem to live just East of Columbus, OH. My route home goes right through there. So I’m going to dinner with as many of the family as they round up.

It should be interesting.

Interesting will put it mildly. If it turns out you have a lot of OSU fans in your new family, be nice anyway.

That will be awesome Marty!! I hope it works out great for you I know you’re both excited and anxious.

I hope everything works out. I have a long-time friend who was adopted. She did the 23 and me thing about 6 months ago and found out that she has a sister who lives close to her in the Dallas area. It turns out that her sister’s married name is Manziel. That’s right. My friend found out that she is Johnny Manziel’s aunt.

Hope you enjoy that trip. I recently submitted DNA to Ancestry.com & discovered I had a “new” 2nd cousin. Lots of biological families coming together these days.

I have several friends who will be at the dog show who are tattoOSU fans. They started that OH – IO chant at dinner a few years ago. I called the Hogs. I’m afraid that my new family may be fans.

i got my first taste of the OSU O-H-I-O chant at Carlos O’Brien’s, the dueling pianos bar, the night before the semi-final game when OSU beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl on January 1, 2015. I have to give the OSU fans credit. I didn’t know they knew how to party like that. I always figured that only SEC fans really knew how to party.

Fixed it for ya.

I did the Ancestry DNA test a while back. Was later contacted by a woman who was adopted at birth and who matched to me as a first cousin. Turns out her birth father was my father’s older brother. We are having a cousin reunion in June, and she will meet her half brother.