OT: If SEC schools fielded Curling teams, which would be the best?

I’d have to go with the Aggies.

Seriously, why has this event suddenly become a big deal? I guess there is some skill involved, but are there leagues and rankings for these teams?

Yup and world championships and everything.

It’s a combination of chess and pool. You have to be able to visualize what will, or could, happen in the next eight moves.

I wonder if they have message boards that folks whine about how their players sweep the ice? I bet the guy that launches the thing is under a lot of pressure. :lol:

It has become a big deal because USA won its first ever Olympic gold medal in Curling.

I went to a USA women’s qualifying tournament (one of them) in Green Bay a couple of years ago while up there on business. The people I went with all belonged to Curling Clubs and went into great detail on the strategy and the effort. Lots of strategy, planning and on the fly decision making by the sweepers with guidance from the person at the target point. I got to handle one of the stones and I have to say the skill to push that thing at exactly the right speed, the timing on the release and the ever so slight twist of the handle would take a LOT of practice.

It was fascinating to learn about all that …but… it was still pretty dull, but the beer made it tolerable. It is Green Bay after all.

My recent contracts have me spending a lot of time in MN & ND. It is a very big deal there as is hockey. I have learned the hockey deal. That is a great sport requiring a ton of skill toughness. Try skating backwards at the same spped as someone coming at you while controlling a stick and puck if you have any doubts. Now curling I have no idea about, but those folks sure like it. There are leagues and tourneys and all of that stuff.

Hope they keep it up there.

It was ok ! I enjoyed watching a few people slip and bust thier butt. The whole end deal is weird. It reminded me of bank shots in pool the way they would bounce off of one rock and go into others to clear the other team from scoring.

I would say LSU has the major advantage! I’m sure MSU and Ole Mrs and Bama would have some competitors.

Those are probably the biggest “bubba” programs we have, and those USA men’s “Athletes” look like they came straight out of a bar in Baton Rouge, after about 8 Po’ Boys and 6 beer lol.


John Shuster, the captain of the gold medal USA team, lost 30 pounds to get ready for these Olympics. The guys with the brooms need strength, stamina and the ability to dance around those rocks. I see one other athletic trait these guys need: Flexibility. You try getting into this position to slide down the ice. I used to do this stretch for my running but I couldn’t get this low:

<LINK_TEXT text=“http://www.perthcurling.com/images/Gene … ing-13.jpg”>http://www.perthcurling.com/images/General/King-Curling-13.jpg</LINK_TEXT>

I did not watch much of winter games. I did watch some of the snow boarding and all of the events for Mikala Shiffrin and Lindsey Vonn. I skipped the curling. Reminds me of shuffle board. No doubt, there is skill involved. But I didn’t see curling as an athletic event. Kind of like I don’t see NASCAR as athletic event. Skill, yes sir. This is sure to spark some debate and probably some hard feelings. Sorry in advance.

I don’t disagree that curling is a skill. But there are other Olympic events, summer and winter, that are skills too. Archery. Shooting. The NCAA has a rifle championship, so it’s not just the Olympics.

And then there’s my distinction involving other Olympic events: If you need a judge to employ subjective scoring to tell you who won, it’s not a sport, it’s an athletic competition. Gymnastics. Diving. Figure skating. Luge; you lie on your back, twitch your toes to turn, and go stoopid fast. Once the pushing is over, so is bobsled and skeleton. Even ski jumping, which has a significant style component along with who jumps the farthest. Boxing would if you couldn’t also win by pounding the opponent into submission, not that I watch it either way.

We are the only one with a shirt already so I’m thinking we’d be near the top!

Auburn. They’d pay them too. :wink: