OT-I use Roku and Hulu and have been plagued -------

------------ with frequent black screen pauses with a white bar creeping across the middle of the screen. Then the program starts up again usually repeating the previous minute or two of the broadcast. It doesn’t do this all the time but when it does (like during several Razorback games) it is really annoying. Sometimes, when it starts, I switch to a different channel, then switch back, and I get the game at that point in time and it seems to go away. Am I the only one with this kind of problem? Suggestions are very welcome.

My daughter tells me she has that a lot. I do not have any of those devices.

Does it happen with other applications or just Hulu?

My sister had something similar with YoutubeTV. We uninstalled the app from the Roku device, rebooted the Roku (unplug it for 30 seconds or more) and then reinstalled the app.

That seemed to correct the problem, at least so far.

I have the issue with my Roku, and it’s not just Hulu. However, my wife has Apple TV and no issues.

Apple TV works great… Roku can be a bit flaky at times.

Unplugging the power to the roku always fixes any problems i have and i have had several on multiple tv’s for years.

The only issue I have with YouTube TV is that it lags behind in games. I can see the s ores quicker by following the conversation here on the board. :joy:

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Yep it does, think a lot of cable tv services lag, well except for youdaman… his is always ahead.

I try not to read the board during games… too much drama :slight_smile:

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